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Groovin is a 60’s inspired collection created by Altered Amanda’s Studio and Studio4 Designworks.

We took a walk down memory lane and brough back some blasts from the past!

You just might see some 70’s things too 😉 , but the whole collab is easy goin’, ON SALE at 45% OFF

and will help you get your creative Groove on!

Check it out:Studio4_Groovin-NEWS_AD-09-26_15Artspiration tagsm

(AND Studio4’s Creative Team!)


10410820_10154309058658146_7816109829706936853_n 12039657_10154309058958146_8211884634871067697_n  AAS_Groovin_MandyJo_AmandaONLY AAS_Groovin_MoodyDays_Amanda-Darlene Ann 12003366_10204589783576207_6961297434756041351_n Bernie1 Bernie2  Cathy 12047024_10206763461838131_8345082940501421617_n Jean 10403497_10203556547953057_5837265297549356277_n Renee 12027671_10154170536369409_3049656962046320451_n Susan1

Thanks for lookin’. Catch ya later!



Did you see this?

IN THE VILLAGE  Collection:


“You will leave the village where you were born;

but always you will mourn something you left behind, even though you

can’t say what it was, and eventually you will return to seek it.”

AAS_InTheVillage_Places AAS_InTheVillage_JournalCards AAS_InTheVillage_Backgrounds AAS_InTheVillage_AlphabetUC

Home is not just the house you live in, it is the community.

Celebrate and share your “village” with this collection!

AAS_InTheVillage_stamps AAS_InTheVillage_typographyAAS_InTheVillage_Accents_pv

Included: Backgrounds, Graphic Accent pack, Typography,

Stamps ( may be converted to brushes), Journal Cards, Alphabets, and “Places”.   Buy the Bundle and save, or choose packs individually.     Personal Use

Artspiration tagsmAAS_InTheVillage_Page1 AAS_InTheVillage_Page2_TravelingSouth 11846542_10205993484930484_1165383151007530033_n


(THANKS to each of you!)

AAS_BMSbanner_layer6 - Copy

Buy My entire Shoppe (The Zoe Project Workshop and Girlfriend’s Collection excluded) for $25.00!

This is a limited time offer!

A coupon code and instructions will be in your download zip with this purchase.

AND I only do a “Buy My Shoppe” sale no more than once a year.

Actually, I have only done 3 in the 6 years of designing.

This one ends at the first of September, so HURRY !!!!

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  A NEW COLLECTION!!!  We all  have expectations in our lives. How we

manage them affects us in multiple ways. Lots of hand drawn pieces in this collection for

you to record your Expectations and your Life lessons!

10407567_996748293670367_5879752782803341611_nArtspiration tagsm

7d3d270ecaf2c90c81e63f7fab5b90b3  10418411_996706447007885_253944036502027237_n 11069733_996706433674553_3674279132259426982_n 11258199_908449465886127_4684177118444661517_norder-now-go-shopping-shop-online-now-buttonSPECIAL! SPECIAL! SPECIAL!!!!!

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Can’t wait to see your projects in the gDS gallery!

Wishing you a great week,

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And you thought Night at the Museum was fun! Here’s Zany Zoo from Zoobahlou!!!


I love to paint, draw, create in many styles. This particular quirky style is a way to just really let go and have fun!

ATC’s  Journals, cards, print and paste- Go For It!


I mean, hey, ya gotta laugh at a face like that!!!


{ I wonder if he made it there on time?!}

11127670_639777792824577_7473541829418618196_nOhMy211150620_996461470364703_6774295468918029981_n 11203073_996461530364697_2181657932509553431_n 10431688_639777842824572_5686556030564965576_n


And then there is the Happy Hippo…


Ha! Ha! Now doesn’t that make you want to relax and have some good, clean fun?!!


30 % off for a limited time. Come on,  “grab ya some fun!”



“HEY!”  from Amanda of Altered Amanda’s Studio!

Zoobahlou! is a project I have wanted to do for a couple of years.

I have fond memories of trips to the zoo with family and classmates.

The humor and beauty of animals are strongly represented here with realistically artistic animals,

backgrounds, and accents.

10460524_10206633601419216_7781312883344072913_n  10985917_639597786175911_7109100748532908801_n11109501_898668966864177_2280906347487202603_n11168099_639597822842574_1820699407681926425_n11205022_639597782842578_6788307771091240495_n11167677_10153278152809837_7648651732740479097_n

DEFINITELY NOT your average zoo collection!

AAS_ZoobaulouBundlepvAAS_Zoobauloo_GraphicsPack1PV AAS_ZoobaulooBGpv copy

 Yes, I KNOW it says A-m-i-n-a-l-s!

That’s how my son would pronounce the word as a toddler, so “Aminals” it is!

These realistically artistic renditions of the creatures have so many uses!

Scrapbooking your visits to meet and greet them is of course on the list, but it doesn’t end there!

Birthday party favors, decorations, cards, flash cards for toddlers, teaching Creation, and homeschool projects are also in the lineup!

Print them and use them in your next project!

AAS_ZoobahlouAnimalsPV copyorder-now-go-shopping-shop-online-now-button


ZenPV copy

 Zen Zoo  is a pack of hand drawn zentangle animals and borders. I had such a great time making these!

You can use them as is, or fill them with color or patterns. They would be great on pages, cards, bookmarks and even printed out onto transfer paper for your creative masterpieces!  PERSONAL USE ONLY

AAS_Zoobauloo_page1 copy



11065929_639777706157919_8492218486913667680_n 11174954_10153892946828146_1801857528055929732_n

                Thanks for going on this tour with me! There is a 30% OFF sale in my shoppe right now!

I hope you enjoy Zoobahlou The Bundle as well as  Zen Zoo Art Pieces!


Hi Everyone!! Christina here from 2CurlyHeadedMonsters Designs!!! I have had a seriously crazy month last month when it comes to designing!! I had been sick most of the summer and couldn’t seem to get my mojo back in order but after having surgery in Sept it came back on me all of a sudden and I seem to have more kits than I have days to release!!!

So here we go!!! The first kit I would like to introduce you to is “Morning Mist” This kit has a gorgeous palette of sage greens and golds. I loved this combination so much that I couldn’t stop making papers!!! This kit can be used for both art journal and traditional scrap. While most of the accents are vintage I added in a few odd pieces for those that like to get a little funky with their art journal or mixed media!! This kit is currently 30% OFF!



My next kit that is also releasing today and is 30% OFF is “Autumn Art” which is a mix of beautiful fall colors!!! You can check it out HERE



I also created this vintage back to school kit “Back in School” which can be found in my store



Available is also my “Moody Babies Bundle” which includes three mini kits that can also be purchased separately (Temper Tantrum, Kiss, Pout !!  The BUNDLE is 40% OFF!



And while I am at it! Let’s not forget this month’s Mixology Boy’s World!!! I created four matching vintage mini kits for your enjoyment!!!  You can shop for these in my store!  Right now they are 40% OFF…that is ONLY $1.20 a pack!




Ok…and can you believe that is IT???  As an added BONUS for having you read such a looooonnng post here is a coupon for an additional 15% OFF your purchase of $3.00 or more in my store!!! Coupon Code: 2chmd_gdsblog_15 Expires Oct 15, 2014

Thank you!!

Happy Creating!!





It’s that time again!!! Are you ready to take the challenge???

This month when I started to make my Stash Builders I had no idea what direction I was going to be going in. I often do that and start with papers and half way thru something will make me think of something else and then that is usually where my kit ends up!! That is what happened here!!!

So…here is the question for all you ladies…What FRUIT are YOU?? LOL yup you read that right!!! We are going to do a page about what FRUIT we are!!! It will be challenging because while I want you to incorporate the fruit you are into your page but I also want the page to be about YOU…who you are! Does that make sense?? LOL!!

So…..before I get into what we are going to do specifically let me show you the goods first!!

Here is this month’s FREEBIE Stash Builder #24 [/SIZE]


Download HERE

Here is the coupon information for this month’s coupon!!

This coupon is good for 50% StashBuilders 24-28 only (the bundle is excluded)

The Coupon expires 6/30/2014

It is good for TWO uses per customer (just in case you forget something! lol)

Coupon Code:


Here are the previews of Stash Builders 24-28








Week 1:

Ok, so we will start this week off by taking a quiz! Yup one of those goofy quizzes they have on Facebook all the time!! You all know what I mean!

Step 1: Take the quiz to figure out what fruit you are! Here is a list of a few of them, you can try the different ones out!

What Type of Fruit are You?

What is your Fruit Personality?

Fruit Quiz – Personality Test

These are just a few, you can Google “What Fruit are You Quiz” to get more!!!

(**Disclaimer** these three worked for me, but I have no idea if they will work for others! I have nothing to do with the sites themselves!)

Step 2: After you take one of the quizzes (you can also just pick your favorite fruit if you want) Then I want you to think of THREE words that describe that fruit that would also describe you!! Use your imagination here. Think about the look of the fruit, the texture, the taste etc to come up with your words.

Step 3: Pick out your main paper that you would like to use. along with an image of your fruit. There are some in the stash builders but if you cant find one of your fruit let me know and I will see if I can find you one!!! Then you can just put the fruit on the paper. Anywhere you want it for now, you will prob want to move it once we get going!

Step 4: Post back in this thread the FRUIT that you are *this makes me giggle* The THREE words you have chosen to describe yourself from your fruit and then the start of your page. Post it in the GALLERY

That’s it!! Easy Peasy right?? Now go forth you fruits and create beautiful things!!! 🙂

Here is mine for Week 1:


As you can see I am apparently a “BANANA!”

Using the words that they used in the quiz that I think describe me my three words are:









Life has finally started to almost be back to just the normal chaos and I have taken some time to play. I have several new products in the GDS store especially for Artist Trading Card [ATC] lovers. I love these as they are so versatile. They are smaller in size but can be used for craft,cards,ATC , altered art projects in your digital art journals or even as mats or smaller elements in your digital scrapbooking. I hope you find them useful.


Hi it is Sharon [Art for Scrapbooking] here.

My new kit Let Your Light Shine is inspired by Lighthouses. Shining brightly in the darkness they are not only a guide to navigating your way but also an inspiration of hope. Whether you take it literally or are inspired in your journalling you will find something for you in this pack.
It is an eclectic mix of inspirational elements mainly based on my own photos.
Included are:
15 papers and 52 elements including frames, buttons, wordart and several art pieces of lighthouses.
I have included them in extra previews so you can see more detail.
Only in my store at


New instore now.
“Cats” is a big collection of products for those of us who love our feline friends. It all started from one painting of my cat and I ahd the idea to put together some cool cat things. Not a traditional scrapbook kit but a collection to use to enhance your layouts or art, art journals craft. It grew from that idea so you do get 11 papers as well.
There are also
13 different cats
10 wordarts
3 frames
3 mats
2 tags
some paws, string,a trim, a fish and a couple more
Check the extra images instore for more detail.