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I love the Advent season; the reminder that Christmas is anticipation and hope.  Celebrating Advent helps to center our hearts, to focus, if only for a bit, amid the hectic activities that pile up this time of year.
Words of:  Advent 2011 is a set of six word art clusters, in three different forms, for 18 in all.  There is one set each of black (for you to recolor or style), a gradient, and a red glitter (because if any season needs glitter, it’s Christmas).  The gradient uses the colors that come with the designers’ collab for December 2011, I Believe, which you can get free with a $10 purchase.
Included are:
First Sunday of Advent 2011
Second Sunday of Advent 2011
Third Sunday of Advent 2011
Fourth Sunday of Advent 2011
Christmas Eve Advent 2011
Christmas Day Advent 2011
Words of Advent 2011 is on sale for one week for 25% off.
I hope you are having a blessed Advent season!