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Today I woke up to find myself completely buried under snow.  I love snow!  Its so beautiful.  I love how it takes our bleak landscapes and transforms them into something so breathtaking.  I am extra excited that its not in the single digits anymore either!  We were actually able to be outside for an extended period of time and not be frozen solid after 15 minutes!  We had a blast and then we had to shovel out our driveway.  Lucky for us, hubby has a snow blower so our backs feel great!

I have a new for you today, called Love Birds.  Its perfect for all kinds of Love.  Young Love, new Love, Love that has grown over time, parent to their child(ren) Love, kid Love, and of course love of chocolate!

  DesignsbyMarcie_LoveBirds_kit DesignsbyMarcie_LoveBirds_kit2 DesignsbyMarcie_LoveBirds_kit3 DesignsbyMarcie_LoveBirds_kit4 DesignsbyMarcie_LoveBirds_kit5

CT Inspiration

Cath2 Cath1 Love birds 01 Love birds 02