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Want to try something new and liberating?
Step on outside the box and stretch your scrapbooking stash by taking it to new levels of creativity!
Wooooo hooo! Your challenge for August is here.

We are going to step it up a bit from last month!
Going in a little deeper. Bwahahahahhaaaa!
Now, don’t be scared, this is all supposed to be fun.
It can be meaningful and fun at the same time!
This month’s Part A is about YOU.
We are going to peel back the mask,
or the curtain and give a big reveal! Wooo hoo!
This image inspired the challenge:

Isn’t it funky?
Well, we are creating self portraits that show our HEART, and not our face!
What keeps you going when you feel like quitting, or when life is just a bit more than expected? What is your source?
What is your “cannot imagine life without” thing?
Are you a very orderly person on the outside, but a comfortable chaos on the inside?
Choose according to your personality!

You have four backgrounds in the mini to choose from: Watercolor, hefty textured oil, soft pastel
and even softer airbrushed paper.
There are five frames- which one is “your style” and WHY? Think about it.
Three page borders too are included to use if you like. You can match it to your paper, mix up the “art mediums”,
or even desaturate it and use the layer properties to give your own effect.

The free Challenge Mini:

This mini may be found in the challenge forum here.

Here is my example:

A winner will be chosen via random generator at the end of the month and receive a free Art Journal or A.T.C. kit!
This challenge runs through August 30th.
Can’t wait to see your expression of YOU!