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Thread: February ~~O and P~~

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    February ~~O and P~~

    Hello, everyone! Sorry we didn't have this challenge in January, but we will pick it up in full swing for February!! I will taking it over so it can continue. I don't have the participation prize ready yet, but I am working on it and will post as soon as it is finished!! I won't let you down, I promise!

    I wanted to go ahead and get this posted though so you could all get busy!!! Here we go!!

    This month's letters are O and P! Here are some inspiration words for you!

    O - Outstanding, October, Obedience, oddity, official, overcome

    P - Patience, Practice, Party, Perfect, Pretty, penquin, pink

    Remember, 2 pages, with one letter on each page, please.

    This month just use 75% GDS products for your layout.
    Any designer you like, freebies or otherwise.
    As always, the gallery to post them in, is here: ABC Gallery
    And post your links back here!
    You have until February 28th to post your layouts.
    Thanks for participating, I can't wait to see your layouts!

    OK, sorry this is so late, but here is your participation prize for this month! It is some cool 2 tone leather alpha! I hope you like it!
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    Awesome! Thanks for picking back up with this Chanin!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

  3. Thanks for bringing this challenge back Chanin!
    I have to think of something for "O", "P" is easy when you have a girl who loves pink, pooh, piglet and penguins, says pretty and has a birthday party this month!
    ~ Louise

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    Here is O...workin' on P...

    Layout for O

    Trying to get photo to upload...we shall see.
    Be back later for 'P'.

    OK, here is my layout for P
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  6. P for princesses

    Here is my P page, still working on the O...

  7. O is for Only Boy

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    All the LO's are looking great so far, girls! I promise I will get my participation prize for this challenge posted this next week! Sorry I'm am being such a slow poke!!

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    Finally got the participation prize posted! Go to the first post to check it out!!!

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