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Thread: Do I hear Canada?

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    We are off of 168 and 96 th so you probably drive right on by to the freeway.
    Small world for sure.

  2. My grandmother , who was born in 1882, went to college in Alberta! She and her brothers homesteaded out there. I have her picture album and someday hope to DS it.
    Wishing you great things!
    ..*) .*)
    (. (.' luvflowers1585

  3. I grew up in Sarnia... where did you go to high school... and how old... LOL

  4. Sorry I missed all of you! We've recently moved from Oakville to the Southern US. :)

  5. -Waves-I'm from Winnipeg, Mb

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    I'm Canadian, originally from Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, but living in Australia now. My brother is in the GTA and my Mom is in Qualicum Beach! I miss my Canada! It's HOT here LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpoison View Post
    -Waves-I'm from Winnipeg, Mb
    LOL.. don't you mean *Winter~peg*? ...

  8. lol Yeah but this year been really warm.. today is like -7 with the windchill.. so more like spring than winter

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    Jul 2007
    Winnipeg,MB. Canada
    Hi sweetpoison, I'm also from Winnipeg.

  10. Cool.

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