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Thread: Barb Wire Alpha??

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    Barb Wire Alpha??

    Does anyone have one?? Want to make one?? or Know where to find one??

    I really want to use a barb wire alpha for Jael's birthday party invites.

    Any help would be appreciated!! THANKS!! Brandi

    (Done with one; now on to another!! LOL)

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    I don't have any alpha's but here is a link for a free barbed wire FONT, just scroll down a few fonts from the top one:

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    Judy that is an awesome font!!

    But one problem......I don't know how to use fonts. Is there any tutorials on how to use them?? I have PSP X and PSE 3.

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    Brandi, basically all you have to do is install the font onto your computer
    (if you are a mac user, I can't help you there - but) if you have a PC,
    ~ go to your C/windows/fonts (or whatever your main hard drive is if it isn't C)
    ~ paste the font into that folder
    ~ you should see a pop up showing the progress of the font being installed

    ~ Now, just restart your program and the new font will be availble to use.

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    Thank you Melanie!!

    Although it didn't work, I installed the Font Fitting Room and now they work!! YEAH!!! So Melanie, your tips did work!!

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    That is a cool font and glad you were able to put it to use.

    "The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart." Author Unknown

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