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    Quote Originally Posted by MeekaBear View Post
    Hi all I was just curious, what times do the deadlines on the forum run on? I'm confused Is it EST or GMT -4? Thank You
    I am guessing that you aren't in America, right??!! And possibly in the UK???

    Th reason that you are confused by this is that non-US clocks (well, certainly Europe anyway) went back an hour the weekend of 25 Oct. However, US clocks did not change till November 1st.

    This meant that for last week, the UK was only 4 hours ahead of EST instead of the usual 5!

    Hope this helps :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debra View Post
    Good Morning Dani... It's 8:20 am est here in Maryland in the US

    Just an FYI for everyone too.. at the top of the forum in the "Resources" (to the right of the store) drop down menu there is a World Clock
    Thank you for sharing this tip,I will be using it all the time now xox

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    Jun 2009
    I live in Cuijk, The Netherlands
    Hi there,

    Here in Cuijk, The Netherlands it is now 19.47 hours.

    Greetz Nancy

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    It is 2:48 here in California.

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    I accept with informationif you set the time zone correct for you, you can compare it and discover time zone difference.

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    Hi in South Africa it is now 2:06PM...........................that is why I don't attend speed scraps as it is usually the wee small hours of the morning here lol!!

    Hugs to all!

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