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Thread: September 2008 ~~G and H ~~

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    September 2008 ~~G and H ~~

    Ok ladies...
    I haven't quite figured out the alpha yet, but hey!
    Let's get those pages started!!

    Here's the alpha I made. Wow it took a while for my mojo to kick in! LOL

    Here are some inspirational words, but you can always use your own!
    Remember, you must do a layout for each letter.

    G- Gentlemanly, Good Looking, Grateful, Gifted, Guileless, Genial, Gracious.

    H- Humorous, Handsome, Handy, Honorable, Humane, Humble, Headstrong.

    You must make 2 pages, with one letter per page.

    This month we just like you to use 75% GDS products for your layout.
    Any designer you like, freebies or otherwise.
    As always, the gallery to post them in, is here: ABC Gallery
    And post your links back here!
    You have until September 30th to post your layouts.
    Thanks for participating, I can't wait to see your layouts!
    You guys ROCK!!!

    I want to thank Carola Mondini! I used her Little Missy kit to make this preview.
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    Count me in for the ABC Challenge

    I put both letters on the same layout for August and was pretty proud of myself for coming up with a title that used only E & F! =) This should be easier putting just one letter per layout and submitting 2. Maybe I'll actually get caught up on my pics this way! LOL

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    Looks like I'm the first this month!! Go Vicki!! And BTW - I didn't think of these words for my daughter. When I told her about this challenge, she made up all the words and wrote them on an index card for me to keep and use. So they are all HER ideas!!

    The ABCs of Lisa - Genius

    The ABCs of Lisa - Hungry

    LisasMom on GDS, PhilsMom on Hello, JakesNana on Photobucket, Vicki in *real* life!!

  4. Wow, Vicki, you are quick!
    I have to think about mine! And find the best photos!
    ~ Louise

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    Here's mine. Thanks for a fun challenge Mary.



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    Ok - here's my pages for the challenge!

    Click for the letter G

    Click for the letter H
    Yep - guys scrap too. Cheers!

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    My, you ladies are quick!!!
    I should have an alpha posted soon!
    Great pages!!!

  8. Here is my first one! Gameau Grandparents.
    ~ Louise

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    Here is mine for the letter G Grandpa's Courtship
    And my letter H H Is For Helene
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    This was a fun challenge! Thank you:)

    Here is my link for "G" Gorgeous!

    Here is my link to "H" Hilarious!
    Nothing is worth more than this day!

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