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Thread: 12x12 Quickpage Exchange - Nature's Breath Collab

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    I'm in the gallery now. I hope I did it correctly. Here is the link I think:
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    Finally got mine done! Sorry for waiting till the last day!

    Nature's Breath QP Exchange Preview

    LisasMom on GDS, PhilsMom on Hello, JakesNana on Photobucket, Vicki in *real* life!!

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    I was just wondering when do we get the albums?


  4. Me Too. I'm excited to get them all. I can't wait to see!!!!!
    Fran :)

  5. I am wondering too. This is only my second entry. So I am not very familiar with it yet.

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    I was wondering too.

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    Hi, the monthly collab qp exchange is by far the one that renders the most pages and produces the largest albums. Will be getting you the download links soon!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Hi, Has Nature's Qps been given out yet?
    Just wondering if anyone got them.

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