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Thread: August 2008 ~~ Letters E and F ~~

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    Jan 2007
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    My Submission

    E - Entertain
    F - Fun

  2. Here is mine

    F is for Fun and E is for Enjoying!

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    Finally Finished!

    Here is mine....

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    Jun 2008
    Moving back home to Ft. Stockton, TX after 12 years in Alaska.

    One I forgot!

    Here's the E LO that I would have Forgotten Except for a Friendly reminder! Thanks!

    Here's E is for Ethan's Efforts:
    Learning Is Forever!

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    Here is my link hope it is not too late, I did not realize we needed to do both letters and did not get the message until 10 minutes ago as I was out late last night being the holiday weekend.

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    You are the bomb!!
    My laptop has been updated, but I had put the alpha on my desktop to upload to yousendit, and now that one can't connect to the internet!
    I will get the alpha out ASAP!!
    You all Rock!!!

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    Here is my second- maybe it is too late, but anyway this is it:


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    Yes , same for me as for the others, many thanks for the reminder. Lesson to me- read the instructions carefully!

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    Sorry to be a newbie...did I read this wrong for August?

    I used both letters on the same layout?? I see that in September that the stipulation is to use one letter per layout...but I didn't get that gist from this part of August's instructions as follows....

    Inspiration words for this month E and F...
    (You must do both letters to be eligible for the posting bonus)

    I put the title as "Everlasting Friends" on mine...hope it counts! =)

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    I just sent out this alpha to 24 participants!!!
    Wow!! I am so thrilled to have had so many join in for August's challenge!
    I hope to see ya'all for September's!!
    Love you guys!

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