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Thread: ACK E-Mail is my name?

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    ACK E-Mail is my name?

    Apparently I have done a boo-boo somewhere lol. Can someone tell me how to adjust my name so that it's not my e-mail?
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  2. It's not a problem at all to use your email as your login to the forum. You have to use that as your login to the store anyway :). Perhaps you could list your first name in your signature to let everyone know how to refer to you. But if you really want, I can change your login name for you leaving your password whatever you set it to. Just let me know...
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    Please, I would rather use my first name - Terrell - or TerrellnAlex - as my name in here. It's the one I use everywhere. Sorry, not sure how I botched it lol. Was probably multi-tasking multi-tasking lol.
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    Please change it for me. Please please lol.
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    There may not be a way to change your name - you might have to start a new account. Then, if you are concerned about your email address being out there, I think you can go in and delete all your the posts you have made so far.

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    Thank you, thank you
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