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Thread: What kind of camera do you use?

  1. I have a Canon Power Shot S51S. I love it but really want the Rebel!

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    I`m using a canon 400D ..without any lenses only the original lens...=)

    n i hope to buy the newest nikon ..


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    I use a Nikon D50. Although I have several lens I rarely use anything but the VR 18-200.

    I tend to be over protective of my D50 (won't leave it in the car, make someone hold it on their lap rather then setting it on the floorboard, etc) so I often appropriate use of my younger son's point and shoot Kodak EasyShare M753.

    I disagree with the statement that using a dSLR on automatic gives the same quality as a POS. The sharpness and color of a SLR are not the same on a point and shoot (To get the same color from a POS photo you usually have to change the blend mode in PS to overlay). Yes learning how to use the manual settings will improve your photography, but there are still times when AUTO is needed.

    I'd like to upgrade to a D300, but I don't see having that kind of money in the near future.

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    I have a Kodak Easy Share Z650 which I really love but it's kind of bulky so I recently bought a Fuji FinePix which is great because it is so small, I can carry it around in my purse or my pocket. It takes great photos and video too. Now if I would just take the time to learn some of the features. <G>

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    I'm an SLR die hard - I went to digital but found the shutter speed impossibly slow and really didn't care for the view finder, so now that Nikon has come up with a camera in my price range that has a high definition movie function, I've finally gone back to SLR and I'm SOOO happy I did! I'm now the proud owner and user of the Nikon D90 with a 18m - 200m lens. Thanks to my DDDH (Dear, darling, devoted Hubby) for all his support in my evolving hobbies! My Hubby's cell phone has an awesome camera / movie function as well so we use it when we don't have the other cameras on hand - I have a camera in my cell phone too but it's not as good as hubby's. -- The D90 has almost all the features of the D300 (I read plenty of reviews before purchasing) so I got most of the features without most of the cost!
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    I own a Canon AE-1 that I love to pieces. It's about 30 years old, but from everyone that I talk to, it's one of the best cameras ever put out on the market. A friend actually offered me $2,000.00 for it, and a photographer friend offered a bit more, but I won't sell it.

    I also own a Fuji Finepix S3200. I'm not crazy about it. The pictures just don't turn out that well.

    I just purchased and had delivered a Sony DSLR A300k. I got a 16 GB Flash card with it. That will hold quite a few pictures. I've only got the lens that it came with for now. I can't say how I like it, since I only got it a couple of days ago. Hope to spend some time on the weekend getting some use out of it.
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    I used to have a Kodak Easyshare, which I loved but it got broken so then I bought the Sony Cybershot. The Sony is not as good as the Kodak b'cuz it blurs easily when shooting in the dark. I would definately buy another Easyshare if I had to buy a new one.

  8. I am glad I found this thread today! I own a Kodak easy share 6490 which I love. when we bought it, it was pricey, but it had a 10X zoom, which was one feature I wanted. It also had a view finder, and a LCD screen. I dropped it last week, and thought it was dead, so we went looking. I managed to revive the camera, so now we don't need one quite as soon. I am having a hard time deciding between point and shoot and SLR. The point and shoot decision only has a few choices because one of my requirements is still a view finder. Trifocals and habit just make it necessary. :) also, I want at least as much zoom as I had!There were other features I had that I also tried to find.
    My husband has an old Nikon SLR, and so he is interested in the SLR. I just don't know if I will like it or not! I am so used to just being able to take the photos of the grand kids, birds, cats, and such. I know it will take better photos, but I am not sure they will be better with my taking them!
    Anyway, I have been reading your comments and will think more about it!

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    I have the Canon Rebel Xt and extra Canon zoom lens EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 that I absolutely love! Havent put it down since i got for my birhtday last summer!

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    I advise against Kodak. I've had three bad cameras and one good one. I gave up on them. I recommend Cannon. No problems with them ever.

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