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    Text Tricks- Circle

    I've been seeing lots and lots of text circles but I never knew how to do it. I figure I'm not the only one! So, did a search for tuts, and here it is for PSE3 (I don't know how it will translate to other versions):

    1. Open a new document
    2. About half way down the page, type your text, sizing the font large enough that it stretches all the way across the page.
    3. Simplify the layer.
    4. Flip the text upside down.
    5. Ctr-T to resize it- you want it to be about twice as tall as it was, but keep the same width.
    6. Filter--Distort--Polar Coordinates-- check the bos for Rectangular to Polar--OK.
    7. Rotate/ resize as desired.

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  2. Thanks for the tip Jill!
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    I can do the text shapes in cs. its easy! Just open your shape , almost any shape will do. Useing your selection too select your shape. If you want your text inside then select the inside if outside then ect. Go to your botom pallet and choose paths. under pathes there will be an little list of actions at the botom of the pallet. Choose the dotted circle that will say make work path from selection click on this to make the selection. now you will have your text path. just click on your text and then on your new path and typ.

    This will do about any shape and its pretty easy and fun to use. You should have seen the happy scraping dance I did when I FINALLY figured out how to do this. I was so jealous of all the fun text shapes everyone was doing.

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    LOL Thanks for the tip redring as Alex has completely installed CS2 now for me and I am forced to use it! LOL I love text in patterns!

    Also if for some reason when you are making a text circle the way sfcgijill says and it doesn't come out quite right Copy the half that is right, paste it twice, flip one side and connect the two layers ;) This isn't only good for text but also works if you want to make a ring out of a repeated pattern like circles or gems etc
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    Thanks for sharing your tips!

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    no problem and good to know! thanks for the extra tidbits they always help.

  7. It is a goal of mine to learn something new about my program (PSE3) as often as I can, thus the challenges have been great. But these tips are wonderful! I'm so excited, I just learned to put text in a circle, thanks guys!!!

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    Thanks for the tip and tutorial - looking forward to trying it.

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    I just tried it using my PSE 5.0 & it worked ... thank you for sharing the trick

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    thanks for sharing... this is a great tool.
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