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Thread: Brag Book Page Exchange - Shana's Eclectic and templates

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    Holly, will there be another one this month, or will we just wait until next month?

  2. Unhappy

    This is such a bummer! I saw this exchange this morning before work and came home all ready to sign up - poof - gone!! And it was the first exchange I was going to do. Hopefully another one will take its place - and one with similar colors/fun-ness. That was what really got me wanting to do this one.

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    Yep one will be Andrea's and it should be announced very soon!!! Keep an eye out :)
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

  4. If we purchased this kit strictly to do this challenge, will there be some kind of extra bonus or something since it was cancelled?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by HollyS View Post
    Hi all, due to recent happenings, this exchange has now been cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you've already done pages, please send along to me. Andrea has been so gracious to offer up a bonus for participationg in replacement to Shana's.
    Yes, Andrea has made a bonus for those who did the challenge....

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    Yes, I'm up next. I'm sorry to say the the colors are not even similar. I was planning for more of a change of pace before this exchange was canceled. I'm almost ready and yes, I've offered a great bonus if you purchased the kit from Shana in the days since this exchange was started and so you won't be completely down and out! :) You can send Holly a PM about it. That's the thing to do so she can make a list of those people before my exchange starts.

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