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    No sharing here...I am the only one who does this in my family and friend circle. I am trying to get my sister into digital scrapboooking. I have done some pages for her and she likes them but wants to see them printed out.
    I do agree that the Designers,rather here or from other sites work hard and need to have the respect of their TOU.

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    I'm glad this thread got bumped as it's good to keep people aware of what Terms of Use are. Another similar issue has been cropping up in the gallery with respect to crediting designers and photographers. Some layouts use photos from photosharing sites without crediting the individual photographer--that's not nice! They deserve to be credited just as designers of kits do.

    And, when you use pieces of a collab kit from another site, credit the individual designers whose work you used. You are no doubt aware that you're not supposed to mention or link to websites or blogs in your gallery descriptions--the credits line is meant for those designers' and photographers' names.

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    No sharing here, i am the only person in my family/friends that does it digital

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christie View Post
    No sharing here, i am the only person in my family/friends that does it digital
    I agree, only Dh and Gracie here. I asked them would they like to learn digi scrapping.
    well !Dh said no! and Gracie said Woof! woof ,she's my wee Maltese dog.

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    even before i started into digital scrapbooking i learned about copyrights and likes from my woodworking business then later about the no sharing from pc crafters hugbugs. i make a written list of all my kits (free or bought) and highlight the S4H ones in yellow. That way I know which are safe to use for that line of business. I have noticed that most designers do allow you to post layouts made with their kits as long as you give them credit.

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    Its a good thing most of us were brought up to respect on honor each other, but I was just talking to my mother today about the kids around my community who have no respect nor honor for anything or anyone is seems. They don't follow rules or do what they are told with respect and are so rude. But I have discovered the main reason for this is the parents in large part........they just don't spend the time with their children that they use to. But also the parents of some of these kids teach by example and are not willing to follow rules they don't like and don't think their children should have too either. I worry for all our futures and can only hope things will get better.

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    I tried to get my g/f in Canada interested in Digi~scrapping and explained the entire concept to her. She then said she thought it was too expensive for her. I told her if she's willing to put in the time, she can find everything she needs by looking for the freebies.

    That may even be an idea for a GDS challenge.. a page made from only the DD... hehe..

    Anyway - I think all the credits should go to the designers who do all the work and I strive to use only material where I know who's done it so the credit goes to them. All my photos I take myself (or hubbies/kids) - because why would I want to scrap photos from the internet? shee.. These are my memories - not some strangers. Anyway... I think common sense rules and most people will do the right thing.

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    thank you for the information, it's true we have to know which are the use conditions before .

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    If you look around on the net, there are truely a lot of freebies out there!!! Just make sure the site or blog you are getting them from is legitimate and has not taken them from someone else without permission. I have a box full of disks with images I have downloaded for free on the net over the last 8 years. Some are in public domain, some are not......but all were given for personal use and free!!! You just have to look for them!

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    Designers take note!!

    In light of all the stealing going on, yes I would say all of you should be very careful. Go check out Shadowhouse Creations blogspot...the artist that resides there is not very happy today and I don't blame her!
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