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Thread: Recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponicedan View Post
    I agree with or nikon is the best!! I have a Canon SX10 IS & have used Canon's several years with great results. At sometime, I would like to get a smaller, more compact camera for a smaller camera goes with me never know if you will have a kodak moment! Good luck choosing.
    Shouldn't that read * a Canon moment*? teehee ....
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  2. well- I took the leap to day and ordered a Canon Xsi 450D from QVC-it was a little more, but I get to have 4 months to pay for it-I am still taking deep breaths-it was nearly as much as my laptop!!! But I love taking pics-so what the heck-I am teaching an extra class this year-so at least I am spending the money on things I love! Before the bugdet it slashed for next year!

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    For that kind of money...I'd go with the Nikon dSLR sold at Costco (I think it is the D60). Kodak has such a 'complicated' download procedure (youngest kid has an easyshare m753 and I cuss everytime I have to download his photos through their software rather than Bridge). Plus battery problems. Haven't looked at Kodak in I'd reccomend going with Cannon or Nikon.

  4. Ok-I checked out Costco and I saw the Nikon 6 megapixel and it was a bit less than the Canon-but the Canon 12 mega was much less than the Nikon-so much info!

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