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Thread: Went to buy a Camera Today

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    Went to buy a Camera Today

    Went to SIX different Stores and Checked Online and thier ALL Sold Out!

    I was going to get

    Nikon Coolpix 6.0MP Digital Camera - Titanium (L11)

    Man this sucks because by the time they are all in stock again I will be out of Cash to get it

    Dunno if this is a good one tho. I just want a relatiely good Digital Camera and I heard Nikon was supposed to be awesome

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    Nikon is a good brand. Can't go wrong there. Bummer tho that you can't find it.


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    Dang... but maybe you can get a better deal after Christmas during the sales :)

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    yeah, Nikon is a good brand. i am planning too to buy that kind, but not yet done with my searching on a good price, it is practical to buy during sales.
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  5. Canon

    Sorry people...I have been a Canon fan for years...still have my Father's
    35mm film camera from the 50's...but only for sentimental reasons now as I love my Canon digitals, printers and scanners

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    I'm a Nikon girl too!! love my dslr!!!

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