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Not to annoy anyone here, but am very curious. WHY does it take 10+ days for us to receive the entire package of the bragbook at GDS?!? Submissions are given a deadline, perhaps the receipt should also have one as well!?

Again, I'm not trying to be a snot, but this is really crazy. I realize others have a life and they have other things to do... however, when one takes charge, they need to follow through to the end... This is one of the only sites that is so terribly neglectful of the participants, that is a shame! (always an excuse as to "why" we have not received links yet).

There are many other stores to take part in an exchange from, and purchase from... Links are provided within two "2" days.

Can response improve?!
Hi, I am a designer here, and contributed some pages to the exchange too.
I just got home from a banquet and saw your posting. I've sent a PM to Holly and Debra so they can respond.

However, I did want to offer up my apologies - and say that this is very unusual for this site. I've been a member here for over a year and have participated in almost every quick page exchange and brag book exchange that this site has offered. And the 2 week delay in this case is indeed unusual and probably due to the fact that Amy (the designer who has some pages for this ) has recently had a very sick son who was diagnosed with epilepsy, and that may be one of the reasons for the delay. Others have been sick as well. I am sure that Holly will get the links out as soon as she has all of them from the participants. Please hang in there - this is very unusual based on my experience.

Loved your brag book pages - I'm sure the response will get back to normal.