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Thread: Letters J, K ,and L Dec 1st- Jan 1st

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    Letters J, K ,and L Dec 1st- Jan 1st

    Sorry about last month. Getting used to working again, and then a crazy retail schedule, took a while getting use to.
    Thank you for being so patient.

    I have a sticky sweet alpha for you this time around.
    Complete 3 layouts with the letters J, K, and L.
    If you do you will receive an alpha as a posting bonus.

    We would love for you to use Amy Leigh Fennel products, but you are not required to.
    As always, the gallery to post them in, is here: ABC Gallery
    And post your links back here!
    You have until Jan. 1st, 2008 to post your layouts.
    Thanks for participating, I can't wait to see your layouts!
    Have a Happy Holiday and a Joyful New Year!

    I want to thank the ladies of GDS for the use of their December Collab kit!
    It is a must have, for sure!

    (raffia bow, recolored)
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    Thanks Pam for participating in this months challenge!
    Your alpha will be PM'ed to you!

  4. Hiya All, here's my first one...

    J -

    Be back with the others

    Till next time, Be Well
    Cheers Erica

  5. I have a J layout. I'll be back with K and L.

  6. Now here are my other 2.

  7. For some reason, I had steered clear of this challenge.....not really knowing what kind of ABC album I wanted to do...but then it came to me today....whynot a little brag book of advice from me to my children? First up is one for my youngest. ;)

    Page J
    Page K
    Page L

    After doing M-N-O I realized that these two pages were a different I have to go back and redo them. *sigh*
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    What a great idea Shana... You've inspired me to get one going myself!

    Thanks for the Challenge Maisie

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    Trying to Upload Pages

    I've finished the pages but the uploading is going very slow. Here is the first and the second is processing now. Not sure what the problem is but hopefully I'll get them all up this evening.

    Happy New Year to Everyone.
    J is for Jellyfish
    K is for Kangaroo
    (one hour later)
    L is for Lily
    (Another two hours, whew.)
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