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View Poll Results: How long have you been digi-scrapping?

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  • Haven't ever

    2 0.84%
  • less than 3 months

    45 18.99%
  • less than 6 months

    28 11.81%
  • less than 1 year

    47 19.83%
  • more than a year

    115 48.52%
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  1. How long have you been digi-scrappin?

    How long have you been digi-scrappin?

  2. I've been digiscrapping for just about a year now and love it! I mostly used Photoshop Elements v.4.0 because it's so easy and "user friendly"... I do have cs2 but still find myself going back to elements most of the time...:)

  3. I voted less than 6 months. I still do my paper layouts but I LOVE digi scrapping so may cool effects. I'm using PSE3.

  4. Techinally, I've been digiscrapping a long time.
    However, reading tutorials and what not don't count, so that cuts my time down from March of this year when I was comfortable to share my layouts with anyone---not even my DH got to see my other ones as I was trying to learn it all!! s*

    My oldest is starting an "Alphabet book" for school, where she has to cut out magazine pictures of a certain letter, or paste pictures in her book. After talking to her about this project she has to do, she and I are going to digital scrapbook her entire "Alphabet book" so that way she can have it forever--that and we don't get magazines and Im too lazy to print up pictures!! *nerd

  5. hystrix21, that is too kewl about your daughter's project. KUDOS to you! And best wishes to her!
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    Spending time is inevitable.
    You're going to spend your time doing something.
    It might as well be something you want to do.
    ~ Peter McWilliams

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    I voted for more than a year. About 5 I guess. I know it has been longer but I am basing it on when I realized digital scrapping was a real hobby and I found other like myself. I was dressing up photos long before that with graphics and journaling.

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    We have been using mostly Publisher at our Seniors club for a couple of years now I decided to update from Elements 2 to 4 & just starting to find my way around it !!! Hope to post something soon.

  8. I voted for less than 3 months because technically my first class was October 6th...that's when I got started with using Photoshop and downloading stuff. But I've also used a variety of computer programs before now to do slideshows, mini albums, etc. So I've been doing something like this for years now...just not involved in this industry/community until October. KWIM?


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    I have been digiscrapping for just over a year! I got into it because my dh told me I was spending too much on paper scrapping and that it would be cheaper to do it on the computer... little did he know about digiscrapping I love digiscrapping and wouldn't give it up for the world!!!


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    I began "trying" to digiscrap about 3 years ago, but really only began devoting myself to more time at it and getting more down a little over a year ago. Making time is still an issue, but I'm loving the use of templates and now trying some quickpages too...I LOVE THIS!

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