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    For ST Contests, "What are the judges looking for"

    At one of our ST Contest Chats, the question was asked is:

    "What the judges are looking for, anything in particular???"

    Here is some advice from our Designers!

    Good shadowing, Not all shadows should have the same depth if the elements are layered. The closer to the background, the less the shadow.
    A "high" shadow for a butterfly gives the effect of the butterfly floating on the page.

    Photo(s) to suit kit... make sure you don't distort the photo to fit frames.

    Don't load the page with every element, but try to create a cohesive look.

    Overall great usage of the kit, composition, great shadow work to give it depth, things like that.

    A layout that "tells a story"! Scrap From Your Hearts!!!!

    Showcase the kit without changing items, use shadows and photos to kit match.

    If you use a photo, make sure that the elements coordinate or compliment the photo colors.

    Layering, rotating the element if it is used more that once.

    If you don't have a photo that works, go photo less. You can use journaling, quotes, song lyrics to "tell your story", but Words and journaling are great, but not to junk up the page too much.

    Vary photo shapes and sizes.

    Shadows on titles, and stitching... should only be close, not lifted of the page too much.

    Photo treatment... change color to sepia or black and white, But can only use tools provided with YOUR scrapping program for this contest.

    Here is a helpful tut for PSE users on how to put a shadow on it's own layer so you can get a bit of a more realistic look...

    Here's one on realistic shadows.. this one is using the warp tool in CS.

    This advice is also be great for your CT work.
    It is always important to remember why we are scrapping.

    1. To preserve our memories
    2. To Showcase the product!

    So remember my Motto......
    Scrap from your Hearts!

    Hope this is useful advice for everyone!

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    Awesome tips!! Vicki taught me the trick of putting the shadow on another layer, so I could make it look like it's curling up. I use it all the time now!

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    and Marie H. Designs
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