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    Nov 2006
    Las Vegas

    Anyone in Nevada?

    Is anyone else in this state?? Where at? I'm in Las Vegas. blah.
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    Hi there i am also in Las Vegas, NV.

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    Jan 2008
    I live in SW Las Vegas :)

  4. Las Vegas

    Hiya all,
    I'm here in Vegas too, thank goodness for Fall right guys!! I live in the North near Alliante. Also, I just joined a meetup here, you may want to check it out :)

    Las Vegas Digital Scrapbooking Meetup

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    I am in Vegas...loving the wind we are having today! yeah not I am on the NW side of town.

  6. Wink

    Hey Gwen you are near me!! Crazy wind today for sure!!! Can't believe it, thought I was gonna have to click my heels 3 times :) Do you have msn messenger, would love to add you or you add me! Let me know ;)

  7. Hey Gwen, looked at your site, your photos are absolutely gorgeous!! Love you site!!

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    yeah, we sure are, I am up more by the 95 and Ann so if you are near aliante we are def close. I dont have messenger, I have a facebook though, if you have that.

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    Aww Thank you. It's just a small business right now, I have 4 little ones I stay home and take care of most of the time. But I give myself a few more years once my youngest 2 start school, and I will be able to put more time into it.

  10. I'm just up the road a ways in Utah! I'm looking to do a Vegas digi get together in May or June though if you want to come!
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