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Thread: Printers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdjeepers View Post
    I have a Canon i850 photo printer. It does up to 8.5 x 11, or anything smaller. The quality is wonderful, but it is getting a little age-y. I've used it so much I had to replace a print head once, and it'll stay on my desk until it wears out. When I replace it, I'm going to look at Epsons, though, because I have been told that their prints are waterproof! Hey - I live in hurricane country! LOL!
    I tested the 'waterproof'-ability of my Epson prints. I printed signs for the boys bikes for a pirate parade then took one of them, stapled it to a stick, stuck in the ground in front of our house and left it there for 10 days. I was amazed! The paper became tattered, but through rain & wind, the colors did not run!

    I have an Epson Stylus CX7800 for 8.5x11 or smaller. I use a Canon S9000 for 12 x 12. We also have a Canon iP5000 and a HP Deskjet 950C. In the basement there are 2 or 3 others, but they are under the spiderwebs and I'm not going near them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweederbug View Post
    I don't have a printer. I send all my layouts to a company and they print them out. I do get alot of pictures printed at Walmart but now I have been doing some of my photo shoots for others and getting them through MPix also.
    i think thats the WAY TO GO! Walmart is doing horible job (at least in my walmart). Gives me goose bums when i go to pick it up. Never again! Mpix is the good place to print them.

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    The GDS printing is lovely! Well, I admit I haven't had any printed here yet, but I only hear good things about GDS printig.

    I have an HP printer, but I've never printed any pictures with it.
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    I have had 16 LO's done so far and the quality is EXCELLENT. I am super picky when it comes to printing and pics so you can take that to the bank. And shipping is the same no matter how many you order.

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    I have a normal Photo Printer von Canon (MP610)!
    For smaller Layouts perfect. The Quality is awesome (with the best Paper, *lol*)
    Bigger Layouts i send to a professional Photo company.

    I order anyway always whole photo books!

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