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  1. I'm a grandma!!!

    Well, technically not of the human kind grandma however...............our cat finally had her litter. We have 4 kittens and they are just the most adorable things! Went to bed last night with momma laying on our bed and woke up to her little bundles under the bed. Despite all our efforts to get momma to deliver them where WE wanted...she had them where SHE!

    Here's a pic...
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    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Holly they are just so cute, we once had a cat that looks like your mama cat. Congratulations on being a grandma, isn't it great!!
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    Oh, how cute! Congratulations! So much fun!


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    Oh wow, this is so cute! We had kittens twice a year when I was a kid (breeding them...) - and the best time was when they started walking around with their eyes still closed and bumping against everything that was in their way!!! I just loved it and miss it a lot...

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    Ahhh, Congrats Grandma.... they are sooooo adorable!!!

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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! They are ADORABLE!!!!!! Love babis of all kinds!

    Keep us posted with photos and 'names' - you could have a 'name the kitty' contest at GDS - with all the creative folks around here - we could probably come up with some UNIQUE names for you -

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    That is the cutest picture EVER. Look at that tiny kitty head peeking out over it's momma! Such a brand new life, that's the coolest. Congrats Grandma!

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    Oh Holly...Congrats to you Grandma. The kittens are precious. And I guess you know who is going to be under your bed for a few weeks right?

  9. that is too too cute!!!! Aawwww, I would be a big pile of mush if I were at your place with those sweet little kittens. I expect to see some cat LO's from you in the near future!

  10. Awwww....look at those little ears!!! Congrats Congrats.. This is so much fun... we need more pictures!!!

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