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    BOUQUET DE BONHEUR - Scrapping Smiles (charity kit)

    It has been said that if each of us were to do just a little bit to help someone, the world would be a much better place for everyone. So I’m launching the Scrapping Smiles individual charity kits series, where proceeds from each Scrapping Smiles kit will go towards a specific individual in need.

    This is my way of extending my hands to make a difference in the lives of people around me or around someone I know and trust, and I invite you to join us in these cause, one smile at a time.


    A romantic soft and delicate Kit with 15 texturized and decorated papers, 104 assorted embelishments and an alpha.
    The sales from this 1st kit (deducting store commissions and paypal commission) will go 100% directly to help an almost 90 years old lady (her birthday is in october) that lives completely alone at home (does not have any children and came home today from hospital after an ER situation of severe anemia hospitalization), she has many health problems including bone cancer and kidneys faillure, and has a social pension of approx $340/month to survive and pay for her medication.
    I’m sure this money will relieve her suffering a bit and make her feel she is not so lonely.
    By purchasing this kit you are most certainly contributing for an eldery 90 years old wonderful lady to put a smile on her face, for that THANK YOU!!!

    Thank you for Scrapping Smiles with me, I wish you many blessings and smiles in your days, even as you help to brighten the days of someone in need. Happy scrapping!


    SPECIAL THANKS: All Scrapping Smiles Kits at Go Digital Scrapbooking are Store Commission Free. Andrea from GDS gave up for her store commission. It will be her contribution. Thank you So much Andrea!!!

    and don't miss a wonderful freebie on my Fan Page
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    This is such a beautiful kit!! The colors are yummy and the papers and elements are so plentiful, I can't imagine a photo or occasion that they couldn't be used for. The fact that all the proceeds from the kit are going to charity makes it a double value. You get the gorgeous kit plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you have helped make someone's life easier. Thank you, Maria, for your loving and giving heart and Andrea, as well, for your generosity.
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    What a gorgeous kit Maria, and such a wonderful thing for you & Andrea to do!!
    Maria I added the link to you kit so that customers can find it easily.
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    Your kit is a beauty Maria!!
    These colors are perfect for all kinds of layouts and I love the idea of helping someone who needs help!
    I'm sure that all our GDS friends will be with you to give scrapping smiles!
    A big thanks to Andrea as well! Her generosity is so precious!

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    Thnak you so much for your words. I'm so glad you like the kit! :)

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    It is such a beautiful kit, Maria. I cannot wait to work with it. I am glad to hear that you are supporting those local to you.

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    This is a great thing to do! So glad that we can all do our little bit to help someone in need. =)

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