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Thread: May Progressive Art Journal Challenge! Come Join in the fun!!

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    May Progressive Art Journal Challenge! Come Join in the fun!!

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    WEEK 1: I have provided you with a “AJ Stash Builder #18 ” for this months challenge!!! I tried to really keep everything simple and I was in a "painty" mood when I was creating this set of stash builders!! I also really tried to do some more plain papers as someone had asked for that!!!

    For our first step we are going to use THREE papers. (You do NOT have to use the stash builders papers you can use anything you want!) One main paper, then the second paper I want you to layer over the top but leave about 1/2 inch all the way around. The third paper I want you to cut it in half and then place it over the second paper leaving about a 1/2 around on three sides, you can put it anywhere you want, top bottom either could even leave it down the center if you would like! (Look at me stacking papers!! *gasp!* stop me if I start clustering!! LOL)

    Step 2: Then...and this is the fun part in my opinion, we are going to find a quote. But not a typical quote!!! I want you to pick something fun and sassy from one of those iconic Hollywood Divas such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Lana Turner. It doesn't have to be one of them there are dozens to choose from such as Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel...etc!!! You pick!!!

    Step 3: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here along with your quote and who it is by!!

    **BTW I do NOT have all of my Stash Builders loaded yet for this month. My internet has been a NIGHTMARE! It took me two days to upload the Freebie one so as soon as I have them up I will let you know!!! :-)
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    Here is my week 1:

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    My quote is by Mae West! I love her..she was so sexy, sassy and confident!

    Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided. -Mae West

    ***Coupon Alert***
    ***Please remember that the coupons are for those participating in the challenge!!***

    I am only doing ONE coupon for the stash builders this month!!

    Each of you will get TWO (2) uses for the coupon. You can buy one stash builder or you can buy them all (#18-22) ( I know that sometimes I buy stuff and then wish I had gotten something else too so thats why I am giving you all TWO uses on the coupon)

    Coupon is good from May 8th - May 23, 2014

    It is good ONLY on the current Stash Builders #18-22 ( you all got #18 FREE)

    It gives you 50% OFF of the stash builders. (can not be used on the bundle)

    Coupon Code: 2chmd_MaySB

    Happy Creating!

    Week 2:

    I hope you all had a great week!! Your pages are off to a great start!!! For me, as I often do, once I get going on a page I change my mind a million times so that’s what I did with my page this week!! I moved my papers around some and did some blending!!! So don’t ever feel locked in with your pages. Even if it is the steps that I have for the challenge, if they don’t work for you then modify them so that they do!!

    Ok so for this week I have a new FREEBIE for you!! YAY for FREEBIES!!! I ended up putting some creases in my page so thought it would be a good tool to help you all play with and focus a little bit on blending and burning. I am a self admitted grungy, distressed, old torn up freak. Love the look, and I realize that not everyone goes for that look. One of my favorite blending modes is the “MULTIPLY” this blending mode makes whatever I am blending instantly grungy and dark. I rarely use only one blending mode on anything, I use overlay and soft light a lot as well, usually the combination of all three and then I mess with the opacity to get the look I am going for. Still even after all of that sometimes the parts of whatever I am doing still doesn’t stand out the way I want it too or have the depth that I would like it to, things such as folds, creases and when I want something to look like its inside a bit, that is where the “BURNING” tool comes in. Again just like blending this is something you need to play with to know what it does exactly and to get the effect that you are looking for.

    This week I would like for you to play with these tools. In my freebie I have included a couple of creases that I would love for you to incorporate into your page and using blending modes and the burn tool are great for this. The burn tool is also great if you want to “ink” the edges of something as well. It will give it a dark sepia effect.

    Here is a page that explains blending modes a bit better

    Here is a page about the Dodge and Burn Tool

    Ok now on to the steps for this week!!

    Step 1: We are going to need a cool font for our pages so here are three fonts you can choose from (Im doing this to force you out of using your favorites!!)

    Font 1: Young and Beautiful by Misti's Fonts

    Font 2: Standard Nib Handwritten by Doug Sheets

    Font 3: Alone on the Earth by CloutierFontes

    So pick one of these fonts (although we arent going to be putting our quote on there just yet!! )

    Step 2: I want you to find an image that you think goes with your quote. It can be one of the person whose quote it is, or a sassy vintage photo, or you can use something from your stash!!! Place the image on your page.

    Step 3: I would like for you to us a crease or a wrinkle in your page. It can be one of the ones that I have given you in the freebie or you use one you have in your stash. I would like for you to use your blending and burning tools to make it look like its part of the paper!

    Step 4: I want you to prep an area where you will put your quote. You can use a tag, a speach bubble (I included a couple in the freebie!) a post it, whatever!!! Place that on your page where you will be wanting your quote to go!!

    Step 5: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here for us to love on!

    Here is mine for this week:

    Name:  2chmd_maypaj_week2.jpg
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    Here is the new FREEBIE:

    Name:  2chmd_stashbuilder23_pv.jpg
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    Can't wait to see what you all make!! Happy Creating!

    Here we are on week 3 already! It goes fast!!!

    Ok short and sweet this week!!

    Week #3:

    Step 1: Choose your font from last week’s selections and type up and place your quote on your page. Feel free to use more than one of the fonts! Mix and match…use a couple colors, some texture or even pattern. (In my steps this week on my page I actually left my font pretty simple because I am going for clean and simple in this page to match the girl! Ps…I have to admit I didn’t use one of the font choices that I gave you because I only have CU fonts and don’t want to mix them and use one by accident!)

    Step 2: I want you to find an image, an accent, and element that that correlates with your quote and kid of hide it or make it so it isn’t completely obvious in your page. With mine if you look at the talk bubble I have an image of a hip, a woman’s curves blended into the background. Upon first looking at it you wouldn’t realize what it is exactly but when you look at it and take the quote in context then you can see that it is a woman’s curves.

    Step 3: Pick at least three accents and duplicate them at least once and place them in your page appropriately! You can duplicate the same exact accents or do like I did with two different butterflies.

    Step 4: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here for us to love on!

    Here is mine for this week!

    Name:  2chmd_maypaj_week3.jpg
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    Cant wait to see what you all make!!!

    Week 4:

    Ok here we are at our final week this month!!! I am SOOOOO sooo proud of you guys!!! These pages you all have made are AMAZING and it really makes me giggle when I see one of you say "I think i broke a rule!" LOVE it! I WANT you to break the rules!

    Ok so for this week I am going to keep it relatively simple!! My page is so plain compared to everyone elses!!!

    1. I want you to add a splash of bright color!!! You can do it as a splat, a smatter a smudge!! whatever!!! Dig into your brushes!!!!

    2. We need GLITTER!! Pick out a edge that you like and turn it into glitter!!!! I chose a bright pink! Here is a tut do do it with text but you can apply it to whatever!

    3. Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here for us to love on!

    Here is mine!!

    Name:  2chmd_maypaj_week4.jpg
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    My quote is by Audrey Hepburn.
    As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.
    -Audrey Hepburn

    Page is linked to Gallery!


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    Here is mine, Page is linked to gallery
    My quote is from Marilyn Monroe

    I have feelings too. I am still human. All I want is to be loved,
    for myself and for my talent. - Marilyn Monroe

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    Quote Originally Posted by angmag55 View Post
    My quote is by Audrey Hepburn.
    As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.
    -Audrey Hepburn

    Page is linked to Gallery!

    lol, Peggy you used one from Audrey Hepburn, mt all time favourite actress and who I was going to search for one from her.

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    Thanks for the Stashbuilder! Love those colors and items!

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    My quote is from Vivien Leigh: I’m not young. What’s wrong with that?
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    creative greetings,

  6. Here is my week 1, I am not sure if I was allowed, but I slanted my papers, following the rules though! My quote is from Marie-Antoinette *I have seen all, I have heard all, and I have forgotten all*
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    Love this challenge. Can't Wait. Thank you.

    As soon as you said a quote from a Hollywood Diva - I also thought of the divine Miss M. No Not Bette -- Mae.
    My Quote:
    "Come up and see me sometime... Big Boy"
    I'm showing my age...

    and here is step 1:
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    I did lots of blending and came out with this:
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    Step 3.
    I already had a hidden element - see the lady in the dress on the right? So I added the WC Fields Watch..
    Name:  GDSArtJournalProgressive.jpg
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    and done. Loved the challenge - thanks for hosting. for a minute there I thought you might forget the glitter so I was going to add it anyway..
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    So glad the challenge is up, was getting worried it was not going to run this month, LOL. Thanks again for your time and effort and gifts on these challenges. Sorry about computer problems, they are so painful but so useful when they work correctly.

    Here is my prompt1, effort. My quote is from Marilyn Monroe, " If you are gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty."

    Name:  May_Progressive_Challenge_prompt_1_web.jpg
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    Vicki go for it there are tons of quotes by her! Loved her one of my all time Favs and my Girls all love her too!

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    AJ May14 week 1 mmmmmm I may change this...My quote is from Orlando Bloom English Actor b.1977

    " People come into your life and people leave it... you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you.''

    link to gallery

    Proudly creating for Dana's Footprint Digital Design, Ginger's Scraps N Pixels

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