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Thread: April Use It All Challenge

  1. April Use It All Challenge

    For this Challenge, you will need to create a layout using EVERY PIECE of a previous posting bonus Mini Kit. If you don't have any yet you may choose a Mini Kit from ANY CURRENT GDS Designer. Designers come and go so please check that the Designer is still a part of GDS.

    If you complete a layout, you will get a piece of our posting Bonus Collab kit "It's A Great Day." Your layout must be unique for this challenge and cannot be used for any other challenges here at GDS.

    Make sure to put a link here with your layout and upload your layout to the Use It All Challenge Gallery by midnight on the deadline. Don't forget to give credit and let us know what Mini Kit you used.
    Please either link to the Mini Kit in store or give us a preview in this thread as we need to check you did use it all.

    Due April 30th midnight EST

    Here is your posting bonus.
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    Is it a choice, LilyAnn, to just use a mini rather than using a previous posting bonus?
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    here is my part


    Name:  familyklein.jpg
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    Name:  cb72c2c2375ab7f7f62ae39b6db47952.image.400x400.jpg
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    Here is my layout using the March posting bonus Wild flowers by Crescent Moon Designs.

    Name:  Wild_flowers1.jpg
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    Name:  CMD-WildflowerMarchPostingBonus.jpg
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bekfek View Post
    Is it a choice, LilyAnn, to just use a mini rather than using a previous posting bonus?
    I'm fairly new to this forum but "I think" using a posting bonus makes for a smaller amount of items to use. A mini kit might have too much to put on one layout.

    If I'm wrong, someone that's been here longer please correct me.

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    I just went ahead and made one with the posting bonus. Thanks, LilyAnn!

    I used the March posting bonus Wildflower Part 1 by Arizona Girl.

    Name:  folder.jpg
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  7. Here is my use it all layout with.
    Name:  use-it-all-tina.jpg
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Size:  74.2 KBName:  jb_youbrightenmyday_pv.jpg
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    I used Arizona Girl Wildflowers:

    Here is my page:
    Name:  GDSAprilUseItAll.jpg
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    Name:  MarcusMini.jpg
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    Name:  b1aab2f0a6b19c2e24ad3fae0fb2235d.image.400x400.jpg
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  10. Name:  just-curious.jpg
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    Name:  S2SS_LC_MiniKit.jpg
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    See you!

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