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Thread: Excuse Me? Do I Look Skinny to You? *** April Progressive Art Journal Challenge ***

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    Excuse Me? Do I Look Skinny to You? *** April Progressive Art Journal Challenge ***

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    My New Banner!! Isn't it adorable!!!

    Yay! We made it thru March and here we are on our April Progressive Art Journal Challenge!!

    You all have been creating AMAZING pages, and you all doubted that you had it in you!! I have many things planned this month and have mixed things up a bit.

    First thing I did is I changed the way I am doing the Stash Builders. I felt that giving you five accents and three papers was limiting your with having to go with those specific papers, the same with the accents. So what I did this time is I created a FREE starter kit. In this “Starter Kit” you will get 2 papers, 3 accents, a 12 x 12 overlay, a coupon that is good for 50% OFF for the entire month, 2 templates (in psd and png format) and my new little surprise for you all which I will get to in a few!

    So, I gave you one coupon. This coupon is good for only this month’s Stash Builders and is only good for a one time use. Many of you purchase the stash builders each week, with this coupon you can buy one stash builder, or you can buy them all at one time and still get the 50% OFF. The Stash Builders are different this month too as there are 2 paper packs, 2 accent packs, 1 glitter pack, 1 splat pack, and 1 doodle pack. I am also putting them into an entire bundle so you can just get that if you would like and have everything. The reason behind this is as we move forward I want YOU to be in control of your creativity.

    If you have any questions about the coupon please PM me BEFORE you use it as it is only a one time use.

    ******Coupon can NOT be used on the Stash Builder Bundle 11-17 *****

    Ok, so I have a little surprise for you all!! I had these AWESOME BLINKIES made up for you!!! I am SOOO happy with the way they came out. I had the designer use my newest kit “Spring Showers” to make them!! I hope you all love them and wear them proudly!!! You are all now Art Journalers!

    New BLINKIE (its in the Starter Pack for this month or you can grab it here!)

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    Ok so down to business!! What are we doing this month? Well I thought I would start introducing you to the different kinds of Mixed Media, which Art Journal is a big part of. This month we are going to be making “Skinnies”

    I know you all are thinking “What the heck?” but don’t worry!! You CAN do this! So what is a Skinny??

    Skinnies are pages that are basically just a different size. They are usually 4 by 8 but some even like to do them 2 by 8.

    Here is an example of a skinny I did a while back:

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    Here are some other examples of Skinny Pages done both digitally and with real paper!


    I have included two templates in the Starter Pack to help you get started IF you would like to use them!! Its up to you..or you can start with a 4 X 8 canvas and work your magic! (BTW…everything in the Stash Builders and Starter pack are full size…its easier to scale down than up!)

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    Ok so here we go!!

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    WEEK 1:

    Step 1: We need to pick a topic, everyone is doing “Spring” right now…very predictable!! So we aren’t going to do that! We are going to go with “What is your THEME Song?” this can be a favorite song, one that inspires you, reminds you of something special or just makes you want to rock out! For me, “You’re Still the One” by Orleans makes me think of my husband and I so that is what I will be using!

    Step 2: Pick at least TWO papers to start with, scale them down to the 4 x 8 ( you can also do it horizontally if you would like 8 x 4).

    Step 3: Use one of the papers as your background and in some way in an angle, you can crop it, use a shape…whatever you want to do with it.

    Step 4: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here along with your song choice, who sings it and why you chose that song!

    See? Not too bad…….yet!! *evil giggle!*

    Here is mine for Week 1

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    Week 2:

    Hi Ladies!!! I am LOVING what you all are doing with your “skinnies!” I hope you are having as much fun as I am making them!!!

    I had some questions about WHY we would make one this size…so I thought maybe I would explain a little bit more incase someone else is wondering too!!

    Well there is no particular reason really!! I just like to be a pain!! LOL actually it is just one type of mixed media that is out there. They make “Skinny Books” just like they make glue books, altered books, fat books, index books… get the picture. I thought it would be a good challenge because it is still art journaling but the size does make it a bit of a challenge because you have to really think about where you are placing your accents!

    So are you ready for this week’s steps??

    Step 1: We are going to make a little bit of word art! I want you to use the title of the song you chose and make it into a title on your page, but I want you to use at least TWO fonts!! You can use three, four….a hundred if you want but you have to use AT LEAST TWO! You can do it in any color you choose, or even a pattern, fill it, collage it…whatever floats your boat! Then place it on your page.

    Step 2: I want you to use TWO accents (remember you don’t have as much room as you normally do!) One of them needs to be an image that represents your song or your feeling about the song, or who, what, where the song is about. The second accent I would like you to use some kind of doodle, just to give it a little funky. Again you can color it, bevel, drop shadow whatever you think it needs! I had to move my second paper around because I didn’t like where it was originally…and I chose an all black and white image that I extracted and then one of my doodles from this month’s Stash Builder Doodle Pack!

    Step 3: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and post a link back here so we can see!!!

    Here is mine:

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    Week 3:

    Ok so I am officially the worst challenge host EVER!! ßthat’s my 4 year olds favorite word…whenever you tell him no..he says “ever”? So anyway, I promised I was going to post this weeks prompts yesterday and I got so busy cleaning, cooking and being the Easter Bunny that I remembered right as I put my head on the pillow by that time I was way too tired to get back up and do it so here I am right now doing it. I am very sorry! I hope you all will forgive me!!!

    Incase you don’t I thought I would try a little bribery!! Ha!! It’s legal in the world of digital art right? LOL…so I made a coupon for you all its my “I’m sorry I forgot and Happy Easter” coupon!!

    Good for 40% OFF your entire purchase in my store (the only things excluded are BUNDLES…everything else have at it!) You can use the coupon once; it is good from April 20 to April 30, 2014.

    Coupon code: 2chmd_happyeaster40

    So maybe this will put me back into your good graces! J

    Ok…so here we go for the prompts!

    Step 1: I was thinking I needed to add some color. Personally I used papers from this month’s Stash Builders to add in my color but you can use whatever you want!! But I want you to pick three colors and put them in as shapes into your page. You can use brushes, stamps, shapes whatever works for you!

    Step 2: Pick a piece of ephemera. It can be ANYthing! A ticket stub, bingo card, old receipt, movie stub, post card, just to name a slight few. Use your burn tool to age it on the edges, you can also use a wrinkle overlay to make it look older, use your imagination!!!

    Step 3: Put your piece of ephemera behind one of your color shapes. Then use a fastener such as a staple, stitches, screw, nail, eyelet, brad etc to secure the two together.

    Step 4: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and post a link back here so we can see!!!

    See? Easy Peasy!!! Next week we add the GLITTER!!! LOL Can’t wait to see what you all create!!!

    Here is my Week 3:

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    Week 4:

    So its our last and final week of the “Skinny” I hope you all have enjoyed doing another medium of mixed media.

    This week I wanted to add just a little bit of sparkle, I mean seriously everything in life needs a little glitter right????

    I made you all a glitter FREEBIE, but I made it really simple as we all have a lot going on in our pages so I didn’t want to overwhelm!!!

    You can grab the FREEBIE HERE!

    Step 1: Pick at least two different colors of glitter that match and place them on your skinny. You can use the ones I have provided or you can make your own!

    Step 2: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and post a link back here so we can see!!!

    Step 3: When you post your page back here I was wondering if you all could do me a favor? I want this challenge to be about what YOU want to do, new things YOU want to learn so I am asking for IDEAS! The next Progressive Art Journal Challenge will start on May 3rd so I am taking all ideas into consideration. If you would like to see some kind of specific accents, do you want to do flowers, dolls, etc. Any certain themes? Do you like to pick your own topic for your page or do you like it if I start out with a theme??? Whatever you want to do!!!

    Thank you again for another successful Progressive Art Journal!! I love this challenge and I love that you all jump right out of your boxes and try whatever I put up there!!!

    Here is my week 4

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    Just a little side note…because you know I have to advertise myself here! J I now have a newsletter and this week I have a coupon in the newsletter for spend $10 get $5 off!! So 50% off!!! You can click on my fancy new icons below to sign up!

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    Okay, hope I got it right:
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    One of my (our) favorite songs is: Take it Easy by the Eagles.
    Proud to say we actually stood on that corner in Winslow Arizona!!
    creative greetings,

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    Looks like this could be an interesting one. Here's mine.
    The song I chose is "Dance with my Father" by Celine Dion as it always makes me think of my Dad.. who I still miss very much even after 17 years.

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    Yes perfect!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Els AW View Post
    Okay, hope I got it right:
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    One of my (our) favorite songs is: Take it Easy by the Eagles.
    Proud to say we actually stood on that corner in Winslow Arizona!!

  5. Here is my link to the Gallery
    I chose "Only Time" by Enya. It was the last song I heard with my parents at their home before they passed.

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    HERE is mine ..... My song is Magic by Coldplay their newest release!!!

    I CT forMy Facebook, My Twitter, My PinterestMy BlogI'm just a rat in a cage

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    This challenge is going to be sooo cool!

    I always seem to forget something! Too excited! LOL!
    My theme song is "I Love Myself Today" by Bif Naked.


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  8. Thanks for your Challenge!
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    See you!

  9. This looks like song is Sarah Brightman`s Love changes Everything.
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