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Thread: Vintage Photo Workshop, Mar. 28-31

  1. old family photo - mom me and 2 brothers and our dog
    I proudly help create for: Angelique's Scraps , Bee creations, Desclics, Ilonka's Scrapbook designs, JuliEnriquez Designs ,Kastagnette , kittyscrap , Krysty Scrap Designs, Laitha's Designs, Le petit Scrap, lins creations, Lady R designs, Marta van Eck, Pat's Scrap, S Designs, Sarayane, Scrap'Angie, Stephy Scrap, E-scape and scrap, and Pickleberry pop
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    So glad you're on the mend Andrea.
    And so glad you're extending this & doing all the fixes. Thanks!!

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    Hope you are feeling better Andrea that flu going around really takes it out of person! Get Well Soon!

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    I just wanted to give you an update on this. We ended up moving unexpectedly this week so there will be an additional short delay. My husband took a job last October out of state about 500 miles away. So, he moved there right off and has been staying at a hotel. We sold our house but have been unable to find housing there for a family. We decided to build a house and I have been staying with my parents with my kids, still away from my husband since October. We have been waiting for the house to get built but it is still a ways off. Anyway, we were offered an apartment to rent until the house gets done,out of the blue this past week. So, we took it and it's a huge blessing for us. So, we are moving over this week. It will be great to have our family back together. Anyway, that's why there has been a delay in finishing this. :)

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    Sometimes real live is coming first!
    Fantastic you have a home to stay with all of the family!
    Good luck with moving and rest a little after that, enjoy being together again!
    We can wait ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    No worries Andrea - take care of your family, settle in and enjoy some family time. We will be here when you are ready.
    (This is giving us a breather....Vintage Event was awesome but now we can really enjoy this session when you get back)

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    Hope you have a safe and smooth move! I did the living with family while building a house thing. So I know your pain. Relax and don't worry.

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    Hope you are getting settled in and get some rest too!

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