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Thread: Vintage Photo Workshop, Mar. 28-31

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    Vintage Photo Workshop, Mar. 28-31

    Here is the first prompt for the workshop! How the workshop works...

    1. First, we are going to work with your photos and learn how to correct some of the toughest vintage photos in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements! I am going to have you post and upload some of your oldest problem photos. I will choose four of your photos and make some tutorials for you on fixing them.

    2. We are going to learn how to make some spectacular photo effects including:
    a. Adding overlays to your photos for effect.
    b. Recoloring old photos.
    c. Selectively coloring old photos.
    d. Adding fantastic photo aging effects to photos that don't look aged.
    e. We will also learn about a technique requested from one of you.

    3. We are going to talk about the best way to take care of old photos for maximum preservation. You can always scan them in digitally but there's nothing like the real thing and the longer you do nothing with them, the more they fade and break down.

    4. Q&A: The last part of this workshop will be question and answer. Ask your questions about old photos and vintage layouts and we will answer your questions and provide you with a comprehensive .pdf download at the end of the workshop so you can easily remember the skills you learned and use them later.
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    Sounds great I have a lot of older pictures and would love to learn how to fix them!

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    Count me in, I love trying to fix my old photos, and I may learn something new!!

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    Sounds great - I have many old photos to fix up!

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    Hope I'll be able to do something, I'll be there to try to learn, lol!

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    I will be in, always nice to learn new things!
    creative greetings,

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    This sounds wonderful and I'm sure I will learn heaps. Thankyou

    Proudly creating for Dana's Footprint Digital Design, Ginger's Scraps N Pixels

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    I'm always up for tips on fixing old photos -- I've scanned tons of old slides too that need some adjusting somehow. Thanks!

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    Oh, most definitely want to be in on this! Thank you!

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    Count me in!! I just scanned a bunch of photos for my inlaws 50th anniversary party. Many of them need to be edited.

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