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Thread: Introducing this month's Posting Bonus Collab "You Brighten My Day"!

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    Introducing this month's Posting Bonus Collab "You Brighten My Day"!

    I would like to introduce this months Posting Bonus Collab! You can get all of the pieces by participating in the challenges and games for this month!

    Name:  youbrightenmyday_combprev.jpg
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Size:  198.0 KB

    Here are the individual previews:

    February Color Challenge hosted by hivart

    Name:  andreagold_ybmyday_prev2.jpg
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Size:  235.1 KB
    February Template Challenge hosted by andrea

    Name:  dfdd_YouBrigthenMyDay.jpg
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Size:  181.2 KB
    February Progressive Scrap hosted by Vicki

    Name:  S2SS_YBMD_Preview.jpg
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Size:  258.5 KB
    February Font Challenge hosted by Tricia

    Name:  maria-posting0213color.jpg
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Size:  100.6 KB
    February Digi Dish Challenge with Dodie

    Name:  MASHE_YouBrightenmyday_Preview.jpg
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Size:  178.3 KB
    February Multi Photo Challenge with Marcie

    Name:  andreagold_ybmyday_prev.jpg
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Size:  296.5 KB
    February Use it All Challenge with Charly

    Name:  jb_youbrightenmyday_pv.jpg
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Size:  237.7 KB
    February Be Inspired Challenge #02

    Name:  karina.jpg
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Size:  103.5 KB
    February Scraplift Challenge

    Name:  andreagold_ybmyday_mini03_prev.jpg
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Size:  142.1 KB
    February Be Inspired Challenge #01

    Name:  andreagold_ybmyday_mini04_prev.jpg
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Size:  144.9 KB
    February Spiritual Challenge

    You can also get these pieces by participating in the February games:

    Name:  2chmd_youbrightenmyday_pv_zpsc3234ddd.jpg
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Size:  258.6 KB

    Name:  ShmooangelDesigns_YouBrightenMyDay_Prev.jpg
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Size:  109.8 KB

    Name:  lrd_ybmd_preview.jpg
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    Here are links for the February games:

    New Fun Game: Combination shortly: Combi Game

    B-day Celebration| All info you need

    You can also find games here.

    If you are looking to build your art journaling stash, you can participate in the February Progressive ART JOURNAL with Christina of 2CurlyHeadedMonsters! She has a 50% off coupon for art journaling supplies from her store for participating!
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    Beautiful collab, Andrea, as always!!
    Thanks so much to all the designers who've created this lovely gift for us!!

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    Wow, just imagine you can have all these minis for free, just participate in a great challenge or game!
    creative greetings,

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    Wow these minis are awesome - what a beautiful kit it will be. I am working / playing to get as many challenges completed as possible.....................come on everyone..........join the fun!! :)

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    What an awesome color combination this month: green, yellow, and blue always look so good together.

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    Really love this months collab - the colors are some of my favorite combinations. I love blue and yellow together and the green just adds a little spark. I love it.

    Dang, I counted 13 pieces to the collab and I have only 12 challenges listed!! Gotta find another one...
    Last edited by LMorris72399; 02-10-2014 at 05:44 PM.

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    Beautiful! Thanks designers for sharing your awesome talent!
    Now I need to get more challenges done!

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    What a gorgeous kit!! If I planned it right I should have all the parts. Will be a busy little beaver this month with all these challenges as well as a blog train I'm doing. Never a dull moment. :)

    Andrea, thanks for hosting and for having such a great site!!

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    Beautiful Mini Kits Andrea! Got to get going!

  10. beautifull. i really it

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