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Thread: February Progressive ART JOURNAL with 2CurlyHeadedMonsters!

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    Oct 2009
    Montreal, Quebec Canada
    I missed the stash, but that's OK - I'm going to jump in anyway. I started with Studio 4 - Path Well Traveled:

    My quote is "Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story." - homeowner Erin Flett.

    This so describes my decorating philosophy; with kites from Germany and Oregon hanging in my office, didgeridoos and native masks from Australia in the quest room.....

    And since there are no rules - I broke even those posted. I didn't see a font I liked so I used BettysHand.
    Here is a link to my start - I admit I don't know where its going from here..

    Name:  GDSProgressiveArtJournalfeb2014.jpg
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    From There to here: Broke the rules again, and moved things around and changed fonts. Its morphing... but I like it.
    Name:  GDSProgressiveArtJournalfeb20141.jpg
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    AND Drum roll..... I think I'm done.
    Great Challenge!

    Name:  GDSProgressiveArtJournalfeb20142.jpg
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    My week 2 layout - I decided to create a memorial page for my son. He never gave up; I won't give up on figuring out this challenge!

    Name:  GDS_Progressive_Art_Journal_Feb_wk2.jpg
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    Thumbs up

    Dear Christina,

    sorry that my posting is so late.
    IŽd to calm down before going into myself.
    Here is my Layout :

    This is prompt2 _ I love the quote and wish IŽd heard it earlier !
    Anyway I used the Typewriter font.
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    Proudly creating for Ginger's Scraps N Pixels
    Life is not measured by the Breaths
    we take
    But by the Moments that take our
    Breath away.

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    Thank you very much, Christina & Vicki !
    Will try again tomorrow !

    Quote Originally Posted by vicki23 View Post
    Was working for me this morning and is still now...



    Proudly creating for Ginger's Scraps N Pixels
    Life is not measured by the Breaths
    we take
    But by the Moments that take our
    Breath away.

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    Took me forever to work out what to do with the paper edges. I added the zigzag accent to the top and bottom then a stroke and used a brush to soften the hard edges - Not sure about it. Then there's the wordart....It'll do for the moment...I used Mom's typewriter and changed letter colours to match ...I'm still building up my skill levels on WA.
    The 'milk’ accent, from the Stash Builder 2, fits in perfectly with my mindset theme of the page.
    Link to gallery

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    Thanks for the coupon and hosting this it is kind of my 1st art journal layout so hope I am doing this right!


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    New South Wales, Australia
    Thank you for the coupon.
    Here is my page for week 2:

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Size:  86.4 KBHere is my Step 1. I had downloaded your kit but forgot to play!Thanks for the starter kit!!

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    My Step 2

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