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Thread: February Progressive ART JOURNAL with 2CurlyHeadedMonsters!

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    February Progressive ART JOURNAL with 2CurlyHeadedMonsters!

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    Welcome to the very first PROGRESSIVE ART JOURNAL CHALLENGE here at GDS!! I am Christina (2CurlyHeadedMonsters Designs) and I will be your hostess thru this journey!

    I know that many are very intimidated by Art Journaling, Mixed Media, Grunge, Distressing, and Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s) but I am planning on turning all of that around. We are going to do this slow, steady and together!! Believe me when I say ANYone can Art Journal! (Just ask Jill from Created by Jill Scraps! I totally got her to try it out and she is awesome at it!)

    So what IS Art Journaling? Well when someone asks me that, I don’t really have a specific answer because it is different for everyone. But basically Art Journaling is like writing in a diary or a journal but instead of writing all your feelings down you express them thru Art. Now wait!! I don’t want to scare you off with that!!! You don’t have to know how to draw, paint or sketch to do it. If you CAN do those things and you love to do them then great, but if you are like ME (I can barely draw stick figures!) you can Art Journal just like you can scrap, because you have the creativity inside of you, you just have to find YOUR way of expressing it! There are so many fantastic mediums that you can use, you just have to find YOUR niche!!! I am really hoping to help you do that with this challenge!!!

    First we should probably start out with the “rules” to Art Journaling….oh wait…there ARE NO RULES! Yup you read that right! NO RULES!! So you CAN’T get it wrong. I promise you, you CAN”T.

    I want you to relax, breathe and treat it like you are about to write in your journal or diary. I want you to FEEL your way thru it, don’t worry about composition, you don’t have to cluster, you don’t even have to have a photo (but you can if you want!) I also want you to feel free to ask any questions, no matter how small. I have an incredible CT that have been Art Journaling for a long time and they are amazing ladies that I know will answer anything if they see a question before I do!

    So…are you ready?? Here we go!! I am going to start you out VERY slow and easy!

    **I am giving everyone my Art Journal Stash Builder 1 to start out this challenge. All those that participate I will PM you a coupon for a 50% discount on another Stash Builder each week that match this one. There are five total. But you do NOT Have to buy them to participate in this challenge. It is just a little bonus if you want to build up your art journal stash for participating!**
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    WEEK 1: I have provided you with a “AJ Stash Builder” (week 1's download is no longer available) After you unzip the folder, take a look at all the things included and since I hate themes, I won’t be picking one for your page. YOU will! I want you to write down the first thing that comes into your mind when you look at the papers and accents included. That thought is what I want you to build off of. (Its ok…you can breathe. Seriously it won’t hurt!!!  ) Once you have your “theme”… I then want you to pick one of the papers and then find a “main accent” You are welcome to pick one from the Stash Builder or you can pick one out of your own stash. You CAN use something out of a scrap kit, maybe you have a kit with a vintage image that you love or a piece of clip art. Whatever! The sky is the limit. (Below is a list of places where you can get some images for free if you need them!) The image doesn’t have to be of a person, it can be a photo that you took that you love, seriously ANYTHING or you can just pick something from the stash!

    Once you have your paper and your main accent, you can put your accent on the paper where ever you feel it should be. You can use blending tools, filters, textures whatever on it or the paper. Recolor if you like. It’s all up to you. (BTW…if you find once we get going that you don’t like where you put your main accent..then you can just move it. Remember NO RULES!)

    I also want you to find a quote or a saying that fits in with your theme or topic. Or one that you just love. (we wont be adding it to the page yet but I just want you to have one so you can keep it in mind as you create) When you are done, you can post your page so far in our ART JOURNAL/MIXED MEDIA Gallery and post a link back to this page along with what your theme is and a copy of your quote or saying!

    ***I have had a ton of questions with some a little confused. This Progressive Art Journal is just like the Progressive Scrap ('cept I am not going to tell you that you have to put this in this corner or cluster these elements because that defeats the point of AJ!) There are going to be a total of 4 prompts thru the month. So make sure your page is editable! Week 1 is slow and easy. Pick your paper, pick a main element, put it on the page where you want it. Find a quote you want to use for the challenge (but dont put it on yet..just put it in your comments) that's it!! *****

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    Week 2: We are going to step it up a bit this week!!! I hope everyone has picked out their quote as this is what we are going to use this week!!

    Some TIPS:

    ~ Make sure you can edit your page. I am totally OK with you moving your elements around if you don’t like where you put them. I know that you aren’t supposed too in the progressive scrap, but you CAN in the progressive AJ!

    ~ Please feel free to ask any questions!!

    ~ You CAN use items from your scrap stash. Sometimes they work so don’t think that you can’t mix them!!

    ~ Experiment!! Use different blending tools, pattern, brushes, actions etc or a combination of them! You never know how they will turn out! Sometimes when I am looking for a different effect I will just start clicking (The UNDO button is totally my friend!) and sometimes I end up with something I love…other times in the trash it goes!

    Are you ready for your instructions????? Ok lets Art Journal!

    Step 1: Choose another paper that you like to go with your page. Cut a 5 x 5 section of it to put your quote on.

    Step 2: I have given you a choice of FIVE different fonts. I picked them because they are probably fonts most wouldn’t have ever picked before for a traditional scrap layout.

    Here are your choices:

    Mom’s Typewriter
    Wood Cutter Anonymous part 2 (check out the sample on the font page, lots you can do with this one!)
    Cheddar Jack
    Brush Strokes

    Pick one of these fonts for your quote and type up your quote. You can make it any color, use a pattern, do anything you want to it! Shadow it, bevel it, glitter it…you get the picture.

    Put it on your 5 x 5 piece of paper.

    Step 3: Create a boarder around your quote using a brush of your choice. Again, it can be any color, texture it add a pattern do whatever you want to do with it! (Also remember it doesn’t have to be squared right up with the paper, you can do it at an angle, smaller than the paper…do what works for you!)

    Step 4: Place it on your main paper. You will probably want to move it around to see where you like it best. You might like it in front of your main element or behind it. It’s up to you!!!

    Step 5: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here so we all know what is going on!!! Check out everyone else’s pages in the gallery too! You might be inspired by their process!! Leave them some love if you love the page too!!!

    That’s it!! Easy Peasy right???

    P.S I sent out a coupon to everyone who participated this week!!! Please let me know if you did not receive one!! Or if it doesn’t work…this is my first time making one like this!!

    ***just a reminder!! No outside linking allowed!! The use of GDS products is encouraged!!***

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    Week 3:

    Wow we are really cruising along here! Everyone’s pages are looking GREAT! I am sending out coupons for 50% OFF Stash Builder #3 if anyone is interested; let me know if you don’t get one! I should have them all out by tomorrow morning!!

    Ok…so here are your instructions for this week!!

    Step 1: Pick out at least 6 accents that you would like to use (you CAN use more if you would like)

    Step 2: Pick two of your corners and arrange them like a little corner collage. (Check out my page for an example!)

    Step 3: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here so we all know what is going on!!! Check out everyone else’s pages in the gallery too! You might be inspired by their process!! Leave them some love if you love the page too!!!

    To easy right??? LOL..

    ***just a reminder!! No outside linking allowed!! The use of GDS products is encouraged!!***

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    Week 4:

    Can you believe our first Progressive Art Journal is wrapping up this week!!! I LOVE doing this challenge and am working on March’s (I already have the stash builders done!!) I hope you all will join me again for this challenge! You have all done soooo great!!!

    Ok before I get to the steps, I sent everyone out a private message (I have two ladies that it told me they don’t accept or can not get PMs…so if you DON’T get a message from me please PM me and let me know. I think I have everyone on my list but it wouldn’t let me send it thru to two people..maybe their boxes are full!!)

    So what’s in the PM. Well a couple of things. I forgot this is a short month, and I made 5 Stash Builders, so there is a coupon for 50% OFF Stash Builder #4 in the zip, plus a little freebie for you that you can use for this week or not! It’s up to you!

    So I was thinking about what could be missing from our pages and I don’t know about the rest of you but nothing seems complete until it has at least a LITTLE GLITTER!! So this week is ALL about Glitter since we are pretty much done with our pages they just need to sparkle a little bit!

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    Step 1: You will need three accents. Because we have our page pretty full up I don’t want you to add anything huge!! I want them to be glitter accents just to give your page a little sparkle!!! The BONUS FREEBIE that I sent you includes two glitter borders and a sparkle overlay, you can pick one or two of those..but I want you to pick another accent or make one your self and glitter it!! It can be anything you want and you put it in your page where ever you want too!!!

    Step 2: Upload to our Art Journal/ Mixed Media Gallery and then post back here so we all know what is going on!!! Check out everyone else’s pages in the gallery too! You might be inspired by their process!! Leave them some love if you love the page too!!!

    Step 3: Because this is my first challenge here at GDS and this is a new type of challenge, I would LOVE some feedback!! Would love to know what you liked, what you disliked, anything I should change, suggestions??? Whatever you think would make this challenge better for YOU!!! You can leave the feedback if you choose right where you post your page in the thread or you can send me a pm!! I am open to all ideas!! Also if there is anything you would like to try..a technique a type of mixed media…that is good to know as well so I can tailor the challenge towards that!!! I thank you all soooooo much for participating!!!

    ***just a reminder!! No outside linking allowed!! The use of GDS products is encouraged!!***

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    Places for some great images if you are looking for Vintage!!

    The Graphics Fairy

    Free Digital Stamps

    Karen's Whimsy

    The Vintage Moth

    Quotes and sayings:

    The Quote Garden

    Quotes on Pinterest

    Brainy Quote

    Art Journal Samples & Inspiration

    Art Journaling Inspiration

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    What a great challenge Christina!

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    I'll give it a try took me a while to 'get' clustering so we'll see how & if I 'get' Art Journaling.

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    Lelystad, Flevoland, the Netherlands
    Downloading now, will be back tomorrow to read the instructions!
    Thanks for the challenge Christina ;-)
    creative greetings,

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    Sounds like fun - I've read the instructions....taking a deep breath...ok I'm ready to play along :)

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    wooohoooo been waiting for this link all day :))
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    Hi Everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing your pages!

    My saying is "Birds -- and artists, grow wings to fly!" because art and art journaling are the tools I use to grow as a person and as an artist. I used Stash Builder 1 (thanks for the freebie Christina!) and Sweetly Scrapped's Butterfly Baby.

    BTW: This is how I AJ. I open a page, smash lots of stuff, move it around until something speaks to me. Then I mess around removing accents and adding more. It's a chaotic process reflective of how my mind works and usually my finished page looks nothing like it did at the beginning. This is a good challenge for me as I usually won't show anyone my WIP. :)
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    No clustering at all required!! :-)

  9. Here is my link---

    Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. ~Oprah Winfrey

  10. I've been dabbling a little bit so I'm going to take the plunge here!

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    I am going to use 1 Peter 3:4 for my inspiration quote
    rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God

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