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Thread: Leg Troubles

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    Thumbs down Leg Troubles

    to all my friends & CT teams here at GDS

    My leg has been bad - I found out that my pelvis was out of joint & she had to adjust that & since that was out my knee was out & swollen & that's why I had all the pain as I tried to walk without assistance & my ankle was taking all the pressure & now goes into spasms & I can't walk much at all at the moment & if I sit for too long - my knee goes stiff + I am getting bad sciatica down my right leg because of the pressure that leg is having now when I'm walking, standing or sitting
    Sometimes it is so bad that I get it down both & I have to sit in my recliner with my legs up

    So I am sorry if some of you are waiting for links etc... I am doing my best this month to finish them all off & get them too you ASAP...

    Any other queries please PM me privately - thanks & much appreciated

    *HUGS* & thanks for your patience! Jemima

    Designing as Jemima's Digital Boutique I CT 4 Happy Scrap Arts and a Honorary CT 4 S2SS ~ "I will love thee, my Lord, as you are my Rock, my fortress, and my deliverer..." Psalm 18 v 1 & 2

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    Oh Jemima, that sounds awful!
    Is there a treatment for?
    Don't worry about links or layouts! Try to do what you are able to!
    Take care.
    creative greetings,

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    Yikies! I hope you get well soon, and that it´s just a temporary issue - no one deserves long-time pain :(

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    Jemima take care of yourself. Health is the important thing......scrapping will be here when you feel up to it!

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    Oh my gosh Jemima, I feel for you. I've had my pelvis out of place 3 times, twice from complications during my pregnancies and once from a bad accident, and it is the WORST! You can't sit, you can't stand, you can't walk, you can't lay down… it all just hurts so bad. My last time (the accident) I was in a wheelchair for 2 weeks, which hurt about as bad as walking did and it took 3 years to be off codeine and be pain-free most of the time. It still every once in a while comes back when I overdo it because I'm impatient and stubborn and sometimes get too ambitious for my physical abilities. I also compensated for the pain by adjusting the way I walked and now I have bad knee problems - I can't bend my right knee past about 60°. I still stand up from sitting like a very pregnant woman, still sleep with a pillow between my knees, still have to wake up to roll over when sleeping and still get in and out of bed with my legs tight together.

    So. Long story short, my advice is "don't be a hero and don't overdo it!" LOL If you can't sit to get a LO made or linking done or whatever, don't be stubborn and force yourself to do it anyway. It's a VERY slow recovery process and takes longer if you try to rush it like I did. {{{hugs}}}
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    Good advice Dawna - after all, we are only human. Once something goes in one part of your body, you always over-compensate and another part usually pays the price. Look after yourself Jemima - we will all still be here!

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    I hope you get well soon.
    Take care!

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    Jemima, Wishing you a speedy recovery and relief from your pain. That sounds like a challenging situation. Warmest wishes.

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    So sorry to hear this, Jem. Please take care of you, 1st. Everything else can wait. Feel better soon....

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    ouch... this all sounds so painful :( Take care of yourself - you need all those parts for a long time :)
    Hope you feel better soon.

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