to all my friends & CT teams here at GDS

My leg has been bad - I found out that my pelvis was out of joint & she had to adjust that & since that was out my knee was out & swollen & that's why I had all the pain as I tried to walk without assistance & my ankle was taking all the pressure & now goes into spasms & I can't walk much at all at the moment & if I sit for too long - my knee goes stiff + I am getting bad sciatica down my right leg because of the pressure that leg is having now when I'm walking, standing or sitting
Sometimes it is so bad that I get it down both & I have to sit in my recliner with my legs up

So I am sorry if some of you are waiting for links etc... I am doing my best this month to finish them all off & get them too you ASAP...

Any other queries please PM me privately - thanks & much appreciated

*HUGS* & thanks for your patience! Jemima