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Thread: PLan's Just Sometime's Get Thrown To The Wind.....

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    PLan's Just Sometime's Get Thrown To The Wind.....

    I had planned on doing much more this month but life got me!
    Right before Thanksgiving my Son's Wife Tanya's Father took a turn for the worse. He was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer back in August! (This was his 3rd time with Cancer) They gave him 2 month's without treatment and basically told him if he had Chemo and Radiation they could give him 2 Christmases! I am so angry that they did this to this family! He wanted Quality time but he choose to give it a try! Chemo went good, then when he started the Radiation treatment just before Thanksgiving within the 1st week he started going downhill and it just wasn't to be. His Wife and Children Spent Thanksgiving Day with him at the Hospital and he was there for a week. Then he came home for a couple of weeks then Christmas Eve day he ended up back in Hospital and he never came home! He died Sunday December 29th, 2013 and it has been a very sad Christmas for My Son's family and his wife's family. This man was an awesome Husband, Father and PawPaw Troy to his Grandchildren. He will be missed by many.
    I am getting things ready to do a Memorial Video for his Family. I offer to do this instead of Flowers that I cannot afford. I am waiting for Tanya my Daughter-In-Law to bring me the photo's in the morning.

    Please say some prayer's for this Family Tanya's Step Mom is in remission right now from Cancer and we are Praying that the Stress she is going through right now does not bring it back. Tanya and her Sister are married but they have 2 younger Brother's 18 and 19. Tanya's Dad's only Sister (her Aunt) who lives right behind her Dad and Step Mom's house also has terminal cancer. Makes me think I will drink bottled water while there for the funeral. Too many people in that one area here in Texas with cancer.

    Darn it I wrote another Book.


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    My condoleances!
    That's a lot to cope with for Tanya... my prayers for her and the family!
    creative greetings,

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    I am so sorry to hear this! That is more than any family should ever have to go thru.
    Thoughts and prayers to all of you during this sad time.
    A Memorial Video will be something they can treasure for a lifetime, and will bring lots of comfort to them!

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    So sorry to hear of such heartache for a family. My thoughts and prayers for your family.

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    So sorry to hear of all this sorrow in your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

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    That is so sad, and my heart goes out to the whole family. I have experienced that first hand and have several friends and family members going through the same thing. It's never easy and nothing anyone can get used to. A video with be very cherished. Good luck with that and everything going on with the family.

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