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Thread: Game: 12 Days of Christmas Scrapping Game

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    Game: 12 Days of Christmas Scrapping Game

    A very merry December to all of you! In the spirit of the holidays, you are invite to join in our 12 Days of Christmas Scrapping Game. Each day I will post a new question for you. Please post your answers in the thread below, and at the end of the day I will randomly select an answer to help add another item to our scrapping list. So not only are all you helping writing our list, we are all getting to know each other a little better as well.

    At the end of the 12 days, our scrapping list will be revealed and you are invited to make and share a holiday layout using everything on our list.

    Ready to scrap? It's time for the big revel. Everyone is invited to use our list and create a layout with it. Please post a preview or link to your layout in this thread so we can all ooh and ahh over your holiday creativity. You can post a layout until the end of the day December 31st. Thanks for joining in and whatever holiday you may celebrate, here's wishing you a wonderful one!

    Our Christmas Scrapping List Created by the Forum

    5 papers
    Use at least a touch of blue, silver, and white in your layout
    Add a title or wordart to your layout

    Elements to include:
    An angel
    Something representative of the little drummer boy story
    An element starting with the letter "T"
    1 frame
    A mouse
    At least one cookie
    6 flowers, leaves, trees, or other greenery of your choice
    5 other elements of your choice
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    1. Not sure, but will definitely be finding out in the next few days as I fill stockings for my nieces. So I am going estimate 5. What do the rest of you think?

    And it would be lovely to receive some new embossing folders in my stocking this year. Wonder if Santa follows this forum...
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    It all depends on how big the stocking is and how big the stuffer is. My average is about 8. It sounds silly I know but I always like to get nail polish in my stocking.

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    Belleville, Illinois
    I say about 5 too. I love to find jewelry in my stocking!

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    Jan 2011
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    We don't have stockings to fill, so I cannot answer this.
    What I would love to receive is some cuddle-time with my grandson...
    creative greetings,

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    If I'm doing stockings for others I loose count of how many items as I buy when there are sales so could be any number so I'll talk about MY Stocking ........ My stocking would have to be big as I 'need', I said need some more tools (I'm a tool lady not jewellery or perfume for me) ...may need about 5 new tools...'cause I'm guessing the number may be flower elements lol.

  7. I would say 5, but it really depends on what your putting in.
    And I would love to find a cute little puppy in my stocking, and knowing my family I will, but it will be a toy

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    No stocking either but I would love a happy Christmas with my family!

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    My kids and I started a tradition a few years back. Because they are both on their own now, and my daughter has a partner and a step-son, we all contribute about 3 - 5 little stocking stuffer each. Everyone's stockings are chock full - especially the little guys of course! He gets his "Santa" stocking of course too.

    Because I'm of Norwegian descent on my Dad's side (he was born there and came to Canada as a young boy), the Norwegians celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. So we had our Norwegian Christmas and the next day our Canadian Christmas. We were pretty lucky!

    So we've started the same thing, we have our time on Christmas Eve, do our stockings and presents, and then on Christmas Day, the kids can spend time with their Dad, or significant others families, depending on what they're doing that particular year.

  10. We always did stockings for our children when they were growing up. Also had stockings when I was growing up and my grandmother always made Christmas cookies that were in there. I loved those cookies! Don't know how many items went in each stocking for our kids - like everyone else it depended on the size of the toy etc! I guess I would love to find camera accessories in mine now!

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