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Thread: Game: 12 Days of Christmas Scrapping Game

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    I am so lucky that I CT for Dana's Footprint Digital Design and Ginger's Scraps N Pixels as I have their wonderful kits to make super LO's with. I also love anything of Darlene's Studio4Designworks BUT after that then I WANT it all and I do not feel one bit guilty about loving or wanting them all. Christmas is magic for me. gggg

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    Wow, so good to see all of you and the forum again! It took a minute to figure out how to log in now.

    Since we skipped a couple of days, here are two questions for all of you.

    8. What is your favorite type of holiday decorations?

    9. You've been framed! In your defense, have you been more naughty or nice this year?

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    5. Do you happen to have a favorite winter/Christmas character? It can be from movies, TV, books, regional folktales, history, etc. In Norway the national television channel woudl show a Cinderella version every Christmas, called "Three Wishes For Cinderella" Loved it!

    6. What was your favorite gift you received as a child? Can't think of any - we got lots of practical gifts...

    7. How many Christmas/Winter scrapbook kits do you have on your wishlist this year? Feel free to share which ones if you'd like. None thisyear, I have several already, and many I have not yet used,

    8. What is your favorite type of holiday decorations? Mice! I have a whole collection of Christmas mice, mostly all from Norway. Cute!

    9. You've been framed! In your defense, have you been more naughty or nice this year?
    [/QUOTE] Eeeh, nice...:)

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    Favourite decoration...would have to be my machine lace ornaments. I have a embroidery machine that can make beautiful lace items. I often make these ornaments as gifts which leads to the next question...Naughty or Nice?????- of course I've been nice- Santa won't come to me if I'm not but he won't bring me chocolates 'cause I'm naughty and eat too much of this delicious food.

  5. Favorite, would have to be the decorations that each member of my family has added to the tree since they were little.
    I am going to go with mostly nice, but the occasional naughty:)

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    Oops, forgot to answer my own questions.

    8. I love Christmas lights of all shapes and colors.

    9. Hmm, more naughty or nice? Going to vote more nice with some room for improvement next year. It's good to have goals right?

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    We are nearing the end. Thanks for hanging in there with me. On the tenth day of Christmas, the Legacy Ladies asked me...

    10. How tall is your Christmas tree?

    Ours is currently a 6 foot artificial, but my husband wants a 9 foot for next year now that we have higher ceilings.

  8. My favorite decorations are the things made by my children and grandchildren over the years.

    Hmmm naughty or nice? I think I have done pretty good this year so I'll go with nice!

    Our tree is 6ft tall and comes in a box LOL!

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    7/ I don't really have any, haven't had time to

    8/ Light, lights and more lights!!

    9/ Very rarely it has to be nice!!

    10/ Our normal tree is about 5ft, but it isn't up this year, I have a wire frame one with lights woven through it and it is about 2 1/2 foot.

  10. 8. What is your favorite type of holiday decorations? *Snowmen & Ornaments :)

    9. You've been framed! In your defense, have you been more naughty or nice this year?
    *Hmmm, lol ~ I've been nice, especially at GDS

    10. How tall is your Christmas Tree? *Ours is approx. 6 feet tall but it hasn't been up since Father died 12 yrs ago (15/12/01) but we have Christmas Lights up on our terrace
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