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Thread: Game: 12 Days of Christmas Scrapping Game

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    Winter falls in July for the Southern hemisphere, I'm Australian, so I'm afraid I'm a traditionalist at Christmas time. Sooooo red, white and green for me although I prefer the darker shades of red and green.

    I also love red, white and silver in combo, love glitter and white sparkles.

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    I love dark red and green for Xmas but my Xmas tree is white with snow and decorated in white, silver and grey so I can't choose, Tricia!!!
    It's too hard,lol!!!

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    I know, this is such a hard one to answer isn't it? There are just so many beautiful Christmas color combinations.

    Next question coming in a couple of hours, so there is still time to answer number 2 if you like to join in.

  4. I still love the green and red, but only true green and red bright and shinny! Love a little gold thrown in also! Don't put as much up either but grandaughter loves to help decorate the tree!

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    On the third day of Christmas the Legacy Ladies asked me...

    3. What makes the perfect topper for the tree?

    Our family has used both a star and an angel growing up. When my husband and I married, we bought a metal, bead, and feathered star, so I am going to vote stars. What do you ladies think?

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    Well...because I looooove Christmas and have at least 5 Christmas Trees...yes, a tree for nearly every room, I have either stars or angels -Gold, Silver or White. Their colour depends on the baubles for that tree.

  7. Well, for many years we used an angel that our daughter had made, then I made a little bear tree topper and used it for several years. Next I got an angel that lights up but it is getting pretty ragged looking! Guess it just depends on what I can find that looks pretty!

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    Smile Christmas colors

    1. Stocking fillers usually up to 5

    2. Red green and white for me.

    3. To top off the tree, an angel looks good

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    We used to have a peak for years, then I changed the colors of the house and made a matching angel from the fabric of the curtains

    But the last years we have a star in top.
    creative greetings,

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    I have done both stars and angels. I think I like stars better.

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