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Thread: Game: 12 Days of Christmas Scrapping Game

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    12 Days of Christmas

    Since I do not have small children we no longer have stockings; but when I was filling them I'd usually put some fruit, nuts, a couple of small gifts and one larger one. So I'd say around 5-10 items.

    If I had a stocking I'd want a gift certificate for a massage!

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    Thank you ladies for your all your answers. It was a joy reading through them. It sounds like some of you have such fun traditions. And may all of you get you Christmas wishes this year.

    hy ellen, you are very wise. I was looking for a number for day 1, but as to number of what, we'll all have to wait and see.

    On the second the day of Christmas, the Legacy Ladies asked me...

    2. What is your favorite Christmas (or Winter) holiday color combination?

    Some of you may have picked up by now that I just love all kinds of color, so this is tough one for me. But at the top of my list is still the traditional red and green. What is yours?

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    My favorite is Blue, Silver and White.

  4. I still love the nostalgia that comes from the traditional Christmas colors, so those colors always are present, but I now live with my eldest daughter and we theme the Tree and walls with purple and silver and include the traditional colors for the little knick knacks we place around.

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    Ooh - that is a tough one. Red of course - has to be in there. I love whites with it - and blues as well. Any combo with white - it makes for such a great contrast and I think really stands out, but not in a gaudy way.

    Now that the kids are out on their own, I just don't decorate as much, just a few little things here and there. Sad, but I must say, clean-up afterwards goes much quicker!

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    I love Gold and Red together! I try to include both colors in all decorations...even in my wrapping papers! This year we are going to Nova Scotia to celebrate with my daughter and her family, so I put a lot less decorations up...out tree is even smaller! So I will be the same as Darlene...a much faster clean up, LOL!

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    12 Days of Christmas

    My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red and green with a little silver and gold thrown in for sparkle and white to signify snow, which we rarely get in TX!!

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    Shades of Blue!
    The first year we lived in Texas I did an all blue Christmas theme! I made a beautiful garland for the mantle out of different shades of blue roses and greenery. I decorated the tree with shades of blue too! I made a blue tree skirt and stockings to match and then 3 of my Oldest Daughter's friends came with my Son by Amtrak so I made them stockings too! It was an awesome Christmas!

    Wow I missed the 1st question been under the weather with the cold front moving in my Fibromyalgia flared up and then got a cold to boot! I would say 5 to 6 for the stocking and I love to find perfume in mine.

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    I love red and 'sparkly' gold with touches of deep blue. And glitter, glitter glitter - the more sparkles the better:)

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    I love blue and silver, but my house is decorated with sienna-colors, so for my tree and other decorations I have some shades of brown/orange and silver.
    creative greetings,

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