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Thread: Game: 12 Days of Christmas Scrapping Game

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    Cookies all around. Always a good choice any time of year. One of my favorite desserts of all time.

    At long last we are down to the last day:

    12. What is the title of your favorite Christmas song or carol?

    No later than Sunday afternoon CST, I will post the scrapping list we created so we can create a lovely holiday layout. Thank you to all who joined in this month's game. It's been fun getting to know all of you a little better.

    Silent Night is still my all time favorite Christmas song, although there are many on the favorites list.
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    1) How many stuffers ?
    We don´t have stockings here as the goodies (like nuts,
    tangerines and sweets) were filled into the boots by St.
    Nicolas on Dec.6th.The Christmas presents were placed
    under the tree.

    2) My favourite color combination ?
    It is now gold with orange, green and red.Till about 3 yrs.ago I celebrated Christmas in
    Swedish Style with red wooden hearts,apples, stars and such on the tree,
    also Gingham bows to fix the red and golden bulbs.

    3)What makes the perfect topper for the tree?
    We use peaks too !

    4) How many hours of sleep ?
    We celebrate Christmas in the evening (at about 7 or 8 o´clock) so I guess I slept the
    quiete normal 8 - 10 hrs.

    5)Fave character :
    As a child it was of course the "Christkind" because it brought us the presents and
    not Santa Claus.
    Later when my daughter was little we watched the story of Ebenezer Scrooge.
    The story is named : "A Christmas Carol" and written by Charles Dickens.

    6) Favourite present :
    I got a doll which was able to speak/ sing from little records in her back.

    7) My wishlist of kits : I´ve no wishlist at the mom as I need to buy very urgent things.
    If I´d buy one (that sounds rather unfair I know)it would most certainly be:
    Berry Merry by Danas Footprints Design
    or Classic Christmas by Darlene
    or Every Day is Christmas by Princess Design or
    something in Country Style I love too.

    8)What is your favorite type of holiday decorations?
    Angels and other vintage stuff or items in Country style

    9) You've been framed! In your defense, have you been more naughty or nice this year?
    Mostly nice as I´ve been working hard on myself. Naughty because of a bad
    mood - swing caused by the enormous Sunmmerheat !

    10) How tall is your Christmas tree?
    I live together with Jazmin, a young and lively cat. At the mom a tree is no option.
    If I´d one it would maybe be 5 ft or so.

    11) What is your favorite edible holiday treat?
    Vanillehörnchen (as seen in my Lo at the Dec. Progressive Challenge)

    12) What is the title of your favorite Christmas song or carol?
    Gloria in exelcis deo
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    we take
    But by the Moments that take our
    Breath away.

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    My 12 Days of Christmas

    1. How many stocking stuffers does it take to fill a standard stocking? And do you have any favourites you'd like to receive in your stocking this year?
    If I'm doing stockings for others I loose count of how many items as I buy when there are sales so could be any number so I'll talk about MY Stocking ........ My stocking would have to be big as I 'need', I said need some more tools (I'm a tool lady not jewellery or perfume for me) ...may need about 5 new tools...'cause I'm guessing the number may be flower elements lol.

    2. What is your favourite Christmas (or Winter) holiday color combination?
    Winter falls in July for the Southern hemisphere, I'm Australian, so I'm afraid I'm a traditionalist at Christmas time. Sooooo red, white and green for me although I prefer the darker shades of red and green.
    I also love red, white and silver in combo, love glitter and white sparkles.

    3. What makes the perfect topper for the tree?
    Well...because I looooove Christmas and have at least 5 Christmas Trees...yes, a tree for nearly every room, I have either stars or angels -Gold, Silver or White. Their colour depends on the baubles for that tree.

    4. How many hours of sleep did you average as an excited child on Christmas Eve? Or at any age where you could hardly wait for Christmas morning?
    My parents were farmers so it was early to bed, early to rise. On Christmas Eve I was sent to bed about 6.30pm, otherwise Santa wouldn't come, and woke up at about 4am on Christmas Day so my poor Mum only had about 5 or 6 hours sleep and I about 9 - 10 hours sleep. Santa always knew if I was asleep ...never did see him.

    5. Do you happen to have a favourite winter/Christmas character? It can be from movies, TV, books, regional folktales, history, etc.
    I love good old St Nick and his beautiful red vestments and his long flowing beard or I love vintage Santas - not the Santa in the red Coca-Cola Santa suit.
    I also love the 'Little Drummer Boy' and the story of the giving a beautiful gift from the heart.
    6. What was your favourite gift you received as a child?
    A little tea-set for four. I was the only girl I so had tea parties for all my dollies. The tea-set was only plastic but I loved it so. I have had to wait for Grand-daughters to buy them a tea-set of their own and they love theirs as much as I mine.

    7. How many Christmas/Winter scrapbook kits do you have on your wishlist this year feel free to share which ones if you'd like.
    I am so lucky that I CT for Dana's Footprint Digital Design and Ginger's Scraps N Pixels as I have their wonderful kits to make super LO's with. I also love anything of Darlene's Studio4Designworks BUT after that then I WANT it all and I do not feel one bit guilty about loving or wanting them all. Christmas is magic for me. gggg

    8. What is your favourite type of holiday decorations?Favourite decoration...would have to be my machine lace ornaments. I have a embroidery machine that can make beautiful lace items. I often make these ornaments as gifts which leads to the next question...Naughty or Nice?????-

    9. You've been framed! In your defence, have you been more naughty or nice this year?
    of course I've been nice- Santa won't come to me if I'm not but he won't bring me chocolates 'cause I'm naughty and eat too much of this delicious food.

    10. How tall is your Christmas tree?
    So which tree would you like the measurements for?????ggggg I did say I was a Christmas-nut so to tell you the truth, and I remembered Santa only comes to good girls and boys, I have several-ranging from 18 inches to 6 foot although I would loooooove one that was 9 foot. Hubby has stopped me from buying any more Christmas trees so I'm going small and hope he doesn't notice ggggg.

    11. What is your favourite edible holiday treat?
    Still love the good old Christmas Plum Pudding even though no-one puts sixpences in them anymore. It was fun to count how many you found.

    12. What is the title of your favourite Christmas song or carol?
    The Holy City Hymn. We have a singer by the name of Dennis Walter who sings at ‘ Carols by Candlelight’ in Melbourne every Christmas Eve .. .gives me goose bumps when he sings this glorious song.
    Other than that Little Drummer Boy….it reminds us that no matter how poor or humble we always have something to give
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    8. What is your favorite type of holiday decorations? I love Angels and Santas everywhere.

    9. You've been framed! In your defense, have you been more naughty or nice this year? Nope been a very Good Girl this year! Doubt if santa will come though!

    10. How tall is your Christmas tree? About 3 feet. Sits on top of my Desk traded my Grandson for his small tree because he wanted my bigger tree in his room!

    11. What is your favorite edible holiday treat? Divinity! My Mom makes it the best though! I have never been able to make it as good as she does!

    12. What is the title of your favorite Christmas song or carol? The "Little Drummer Boy" is by far my all time Favorite then comes "Thistle Hair The Christmas Bear" by Alabama! The first one is such a Beautiful reminder that no matter what gifts from the heart are the best and the second one is a great children's song!

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    I love all Christmas songs, so it is hard to choose a favorite. Probably Silent Night.

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    Looking good ladies. Anyone is still free to jump in and answer any of the questions until the scrapping list is posted this weekend. Looking forward to see everyone's twelve answers.

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    My favorite edible holiday treat would be an awesome cookie I make from a recipe given to me years ago by a sweet Czech lady. They're called Cherry Wink Cookies and are made with chopped dates, cherries, pecans and rolled in crushed cereal then topped with a cherry. yummmm They are not overly sweet, crunchy and delicious.

    My favorite Christmas carol/song is O Holy Night.

  8. 12. What is the title of your favorite Christmas song or carol?

    *Away in the Manger then it would have to be Silent Night (hence my layout) + Little Drummer Boy!

    I will group these altogether soon ;)

    I CT for Happy Scrap Arts, Honorary CT Member 4 S2SS, Scrappiness Designs & an Advertisting Assistant 4 SNSD ~ "I will love thee, my Lord, as you are my Rock, my fortress, and my deliverer..." Psalm 18 v 1 & 2

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    Ready to scrap? It's time for the big revel. Everyone is invited to use our list and create a layout with it. Please post a preview or link to your layout in this thread so we can all ooh and ahh over your holiday creativity. You can post a layout until the end of the day December 31st. Thanks for joining in and whatever holiday you may celebrate, here's wishing you a wonderful one!

    Our Christmas Scrapping List Created by the Forum

    5 papers
    Use at least a touch of blue, silver, and white in your layout
    Add a title or wordart to your layout

    Elements to include:
    An angel
    Something representative of the little drummer boy story
    An element starting with the letter "T"
    1 frame
    A mouse
    At least one cookie
    6 flowers, leaves, trees, or other greenery of your choice
    5 other elements of your choice

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    WOW! So cool! Thank you for the list!!!

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