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Thread: December Progressive Scrap

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    December Progressive Scrap

    December PROGRESSIVE Scrap Challenge

    Welcome to the December Progressive Scrap Challenge

    hosted by myself, Vicki of Dana's Footprint Digital Design
    and Darlene of Studio4 Designworks .

    The object is to complete one page over the course of three weeks by following instructions given in tasks posted each week. A progressive scrap is a *slow* speed scrap and I know lots of you like speed scraps, but may not have the time. So here's how it will work.

    On the first of each month, Prompt 1 will be posted, consisting of instructions for starting a scrapbook page that will then be built upon through additional instructions every 3 days.

    The idea is to work along with the challenge as the tasks are being announced, each task to be completed & posted prior to starting on the next prompt. (Once you post a prompt’s results, you’re finished. Don’t change your work for that particular prompt.)

    At the end of the third week, you should have a completed page!

    It’s fine to start late or catch up if you miss a prompt. Just be sure to complete & post each task before you look at or start the next one. It’s more fun that way!

    I will be giving you a download that consists of either papers or ellies to work with on each prompt. By the end of the Challenge, you will have a great little kit that was created by myself - Darlene (Studio4 Designworks) and Dana of Dana's Footprint Designs.

    So to recap - here's the order:

    1. On the first day of the month we will post Prompt 1. Then, there will be a post every three days with a new prompt.

    2. Add only the items listed in the prompt given. You may add/alter shadows at any time.

    3. Once you've posted your layout for that particular prompt, it is done and you may not go back and change it. You may only build on the previous prompt layout following the new step for the next prompt.

    4. We will post the prompts sequentially in the thread. If you have missed a prompt, it’s fine to start late or catch up. Just be sure to complete & post each task before you look at or start the next one.

    5. Post your layouts no later than midnight (EST) of the day before the next step is due - this will be every three days.

    6. Post your layouts in the *Progressive Challenge* gallery HERE.

    7. Link your layout back to this forum thread so we can have a look at your creations and leave you some love!

    8. In lieu of a posting bonus, by the end of the challenge, you will have yourselves a nice little kit.

    9. This challenge counts towards the Scrappping 7 Challenge!

    Here is the kit you will have by the time you are done. It coordinates with the lovely collab the designers have created this month along with Posting Bonuses for other challenges. You will have a lovely HUGE kit when you are done if you participate in all of the challenges!

    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    france, normandy
    Love these colors, Vicki!
    Count me in, please!
    I can't wait to play with Denise, lol!

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    Monday, December 2nd

    PROMPT 1:
    Download the first zip file. Download HERE. Pick out out 3 papers.
    1/ Choose 3 papers, place one as your background and then cut a strip about 3" wide and place on the left edge, the cut a second strip from another paper about an inch smaller and place it on top of the first one..your page should look kind of like a bound book.
    Post your first prompt in the gallery and then back here so we can all see and enjoy what we're all doing!

    Have your layout posted for Prompt One to the gallery by Tuesday, Dec. 4th, 4pm EST

    Prompt 2 will be posted on Dec. 4th

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Wednesday, 4th December

    PROMPT 2:

    Download the zip file. Download HERE
    2/ In todays download you should have a star, a ribbon, 2 frames & a butterfly.
    Choose a frame and place on the bottom right corner, straight or angled. Find a "Spicey" recipe you like, if you don't have one you can look on the net..I did. Place your recipe somewhere on your page, then your photo over the frame, you can mat it if you like. Then place the ribbon, butterfly & star where ever you choose.

    Have your layout posted for Prompt 2 to the gallery by Saturday, Dec. 7th, 4pm EST

    Prompt 3 will be posted on Dec. 7th

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Saturday, December 7th

    PROMPT 3:

    Download the zip file. Download HERE

    3/ Todays download is scales, embroidered pear, leaves & feather.
    Place the scales somewhere near the border strips, the feather, pear & leaves on or around your photo & frame.

    Have your layout posted for Prompt 3 to the gallery by Tuesday, Dec. 10th, 4pm EST

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    PROMPT 4:

    Download the zip file HERE.

    Today's download is a string, cups, journal card & flower. Place the cups near the scales, the string and flower around your other elements on your photo & the journal card wherever you like.

    Have your layout posted for Prompt 4 to the Gallery by Fri 14th Dec 4PM EST

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Saturday, December 14th

    PROMPT 5:

    Download the zip file. Download HERE

    5/ Todays download is 1 flower, curled leaf, wheat spray & basil.
    Place the flower, wheat, curled leaf and basil with the photo and other elements.

    Have your layout posted for Prompt 3 to the gallery by Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 4pm EST

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Wednesday, December 18th

    PROMPT 6:

    Download the zip file. Download HERE

    6/ In todays download you have a flower, chile, wordart & banner.

    Place the flower with your cluster around your photo, your chile & banner where ever you choose. Then using your wordart I want you to create a title for your page. You may also add some journaling to the journal mat from prompt 4 if you like. Add shadows if you haven't already.

    Have your layout for prompt 6 posted to the Gallery by 21st December 4PM EST
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    Grafton, NSW, Australia
    Here's my first prompt..

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    Did you mean to include the photo, frames, recipe and cluster???

    Will be back with my first LO soon.

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    Vicki . . . . did you post your prompt #2?

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    Darlene I always said that Vicki is tricky gggggg
    Let's see what I can come up for this month?????

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    Sorry everyone, I didn't save the first one properly...the correct one is there now...except I have left some text there that I didn't see.
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    Thumbs up

    Just good that I am late - It would have confused me quiete a bit.
    But after all "struggle" is my 2 nd name.
    Please count me - This is gonna be an awesome kit again !

    My prompt2:
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