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Thread: Nov. Progressive Challenge

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    GDS Progressive Challenge

    Once again I couldn't decide between two layouts, so I'll post them both. With all I have to do this month I'll be lucky to get even ONE finished...but we'll see.

    What a great kit!! The colors are gorgeous and the elements are amazing!! I can't wait to see what all the layouts look like. Right now they appear to be so similar since the directions are so specific, but hopefully as the elements are introduced there will be more variety.

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    Almost late on getting this done. DSD took up a lot of my time this weekend.

    Here is my Step 1

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    First step for the Progressive Challenge:

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    Ha ha - Renee - you're too funny! Love your second LO. Looks like things are turning out just fine on that front!

    Kay - you're not late at all. The November Forum was a little late getting up and so was my thread. With all that was going on for NSD, I'm amazed people ever got some scrapping done.

    Looking good so far - but of course, it's just the beginning!

  5. Prompt 1 complete. Thank you Ladies for the kit to use.

  6. What a wonderful kit

    Here's my Step 1 ~ GDS_NOV_1 @

    I CT for Happy Scrap Arts, Honorary CT Member 4 S2SS, Scrappiness Designs & an Advertisting Assistant 4 SNSD ~ "I will love thee, my Lord, as you are my Rock, my fortress, and my deliverer..." Psalm 18 v 1 & 2

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    Thank you Jem - great start!

    Maree - I love the edging you've created with your strips - nice touch!

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    The Kit looks wonderful
    Here is my prompt 1

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    I am going to assume that you meant Tuesday, November 5th. I kept coming in yesterday (the 4th) to see the new prompt & was terribly confused. Thought it was because of my busy day, then I went back & read the "Tuesday" this morning. Looking forward to seeing what the next step is! Lots of interesting layouts so far. Off to the doctor now, I'll check back later this afternoon.

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    It's Tuesday 5th now... where is prompt 2.... where is Darlene?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darlene Currie View Post
    Friday, November 1st

    PROMPT 1:

    Download the first zip file. Download HERE. Pick out out 3 papers.

    Place one as a background. Now, I want you to create 2 strips from one paper at about 1.5" wide x 12" deep. Place one vertically on your paper and place the other horizontally on the background paper so that they cross over each other (like you were putting ribbon on a parcel). Place the vertical papers a third of the way in from the left or a third of the way from the right (your choice), and the same applies with your horizontal papers. And for your third paper, I want you to do the exact same thing, but make the paper 1/2" wide. Center these two papers on top of the 1.5" papers.

    Post your first prompt in the gallery and then back here so we can all see and enjoy what we're all doing!

    Have your layout posted for Prompt One to the gallery by Tuesday, Nov. 4th, 4pm EST

    Prompt 2 will be posted on Nov. 4th
    creative greetings,

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