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    instructions on how to do layered photo templates

    I am new to digital photo templates. I purchased Andrea Gold's photo number templates. Are there any instructions for using these templates out there? I don't have photoshop but have gimp software which is supposed to be comparable to photoshop. Any help would be very appreciated:)

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    Here is the basic process you can use:

    1. Open the layered psd file. Make a duplicate of the psd file or save it with a different name so you donít save over the original file. You may want to use it again.

    2. Open the papers and photos you would like to use in your layout.

    3. Click on the layer you want to begin with to make it active. Move the paper you wish to use to the layered template. You can either drag & drop the paper or copy & paste.

    4. Make sure your paper layer is directly above the template shape layer you want to work with. Select the template shape layer by clicking on it in the layers panel so it is highlighted as the active layer, then choose the fuzzy select tool from the tool box. Use the tool and click on the shape to select it. Invert the selection (CTRL+I). Click on the paper layer to make it active and press the delete key on the keyboard. This will delete the excess paper, cropping the paper layer to the shape of the template shape layer you selected. Deselect (Select > None) and hide or delete the template shape layer you used. Repeat these steps with the rest of the layers to cut out the shape for each layer.

    5. On most templates, the embellishments are a guide for placement. Once you have your elements in place you can hide or delete the unnecessary layers.

    6. Add your title and/or journaling as desired.

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