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    Wow! What super news! To Debra and Holly may you be rewarded in wherever the next steps may take you.

    Andrea, the new style and touches shown so far are lovely. I thought I was on the wrong site at first. Good luck with your new endeavour.

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    Sep 2009
    Wonderful news - congratulations Andrea. You are going to be a great site owner :)
    And thank you Debra and Holly - This site has always felt like 'home' so warm and inviting, always friendly and with such a fabulous group of people to visit and create with.
    Good luck with your future plans.

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    Congratulations, Andrea!!!

    Thanks to Debra and Holly for your past dedication to the site.

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    Sep 2006
    I'm a relative newcomer to the site and my position on the creative team but I sure want to wish everyone, Holly, Debra and Andrea all the best in their new ventures and also Cathy, who has held my hand through the learning process. I plan to stay around for a while. :)

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    Oct 2009
    Hong Kong
    Congratulations, Andrea! And a big thank you to Debra and Holly for all their heart work and passion. May the future bring lots more scrapping fun!


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    Congratz Andrea!

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    May 2007
    thank debra and holly

    congrats andrea. i wish you good luck and a lot of fun in your new job

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    Congrats Andrea, GDS is certainly the most awesome scrapbooking site!!! I've been here for almost 6 years (dec 2007) and it has been a fantastic journey with you all.

    Deb and Holly, Thak you sooooooooo much for all your commitment, dedication and support, I loved workingwith you, and hope you may achieve all your goals in kife.

    Andrea, you'll be a fantastic site owner, and you know you can count on me for whatever you need. :)

    Together with this fantastic community and your leadership we will all take GDS into a bright future

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    Oh wow! That is big news. Congratulations Andrea!

    And a big thank to all the time and creativity Holly and Debra put into this great site over the years. May life shower them with blessings.

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    Dec 2006
    Woodstock, Illinois, USA
    Wow! Great news for Andrea! Congratulations! I just found out and I love the new design of the site. A heartfelt thank you to Deb and Holly who were very supportive of my years as a supreme team member and a designer here several years ago.

    They did a fabulous job in creating and growing this site. It is one of the very few digital scrapbook sites that have survived a long time. It is still a great site.

    To all of the GDS members, I have been laying low these past few years, still working on my magazine, and enjoying my five grandchildren. And I miss my designing days, and hope I can get back to doing that again one of these days.

    Congratulations Andrea! You know I Love you, and am thrilled about this new chapter in your life and this site.

    huge Hugs to all!


    We do not stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing.

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