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Thread: Use It All Challenge - August

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    The image is 600 x 600 jpg and I used the setting on PSE 3.0 to save it for the web. It is 103 kb.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Gem View Post
    The image is 600 x 600 jpg and I used the setting on PSE 3.0 to save it for the web. It is 103 kb.
    Well thats not the problem then lol the message makes me think it is a space on the server problem We did have that over the weekend but it has been rectified. Would you mind trying it again in case that was the issue and if it still errors I will have to contact the tech people for you.
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    Thank you, Sharon. I just tried to upload to the Progressive Scrap gallery with a different 600 X 600 pixel image that was only 79.5 kb and it wouldn't take it either. It says I have 3 images in the que, but I haven't found any way to look at what is in the que or to delete them.

  4. I am seeking help from the rest of the team for you. one thing to look out for is when you upload images it is important not to have any special characters in the name or text. It should only contain letters numbers and an underscore is ok but nothing else so no inverted commas etc
    I believe if you have images in the queue then once you can successfully get a new one to get to the second page all of your images in the queue will show there as well for you to process.
    i will be back with more help lol

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    Such beautiful and inspiring layouts.

  6. Another tip if you are having trouble uploading
    'ake sure they are not trying to enter descriptions on the first page either. They should only put the title and keywords on the first page and wait for everything else on 2nd upload screen.'

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    Thank you, Sharon.

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    Thanks Eirene and Sharon for this great challenge!

    Here is mine:

    renewed love mini by hollyann

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    creative greetings,

  9. Thanks so much for joining in Els. Love the mini you chose.

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    Use It All challenge

    Here is my layout, Remember When

    Here is the kit I used

    I used it all but recolored parts.
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