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Thread: Game: The Story Continues!

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    Game: The Story Continues!

    ---- This is our story so far

    "Yes, it sure has been a busy day!" I said to myself.
    I'm dreaming of holidays, I close my eyes and that's what I see...
    Blue-gray water and stormy skies; has my dream holiday turned into a nightmare?
    Maybe ...I'll put down this book for a while as it seems to be drawing me into another time and place.
    Soon I am concentrating a little harder and able to visualize my vacation as planned four months ago; the sun is bright and beautifully warm and I am on the beach relaxing.
    Romance will be in the air as I turn to gaze at my husband....
    Thinking, "It is time I trusted my heart to this man that I am committed to for life.
    Why haven't I already been doing this, I should have and now I will.
    But, there have been so many sad times lately.
    Hopefully we can leave the drama and family tension at home when we take off for our two weeks of heaven in Hawaii.
    Seriously, I need a long, relaxing vacation.
    Somewhere in Hawaii there must be a haven of peace and relaxation for my husband and I to renew our love.
    Perhaps.....we can find the love and tenderness that we once had.
    Life has been hard sometimes, we had to work a lot, days go by but all the love that I need is in your eyes...
    Let's hope all our troubles are behind us and only happy times ahead as we explore this wonderful island together.
    Suddenly I woke up from my daydream as I heard my husband talking to me.
    "Honey"....where did you put the keys to the car? Guess I have to wake up now.
    Time to get back to real life: without the keys we can't even start our trip!
    Think about how happy we'll be to get to the end of this story- er, I mean trip!!
    Did you see the laptop??? I plan to create love notes for my honey for our trip.

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