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View Poll Results: Which corner should we select to build our clusters from?

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  • The Green Corner

    3 25.00%
  • The Blue Corner

    6 50.00%
  • The Purple Corner

    2 16.67%
  • The Yellow Corner

    1 8.33%
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Thread: Game: Cluster Up!

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    Game: Cluster Up!

    Hello everyone and happy July to you all. I invite all of you to take part in a new game. The object of this game is to ultimately create beautiful clusters through three steps to use in our scrapbooking.

    Step 1: I have a tic tac toe board partially filled with fun elements, but I deliberately left four empty so all of you could help me fill it. So for the next four days, please be sure to add your suggestions below. On the fifth, I will randomly pick four of your ideas to add to the board. Then we will go on to the step two. I look forward to hearing all your wonderful and creative ideas on what we could build our clusters out of.

    Step 2: Thank you to everyone who made a suggestion! I have visited and have randomly selected 4 of your ideas. The lucky numbers were: 5, 10, 19, & 13. I have added those options to the tic tac toe board so you can see where they fall. Now for the fun part. I chose corners, so please see the poll above to vote which corner we will select for our elements. The poll will be open for 3 days, then I will reveal our four elements so we can start creating our great clusters.

    Step 3: It's is now time to create. The forum has voted, and the winner was the blue corner! :) Here is the list of the four elements to use in your cluster:
    * a frame
    *a lion, a tiger, or a bear

    You have until the end of the month to create your cluster. Please upload it to your account and share it here with all us so we can admire your creations. :) And thanks again for joining in the fun this month.
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    Okay.. I am slow.. remember my favorite color is clear... but what do we need to do? show you clusters or tell you cluster ideas?

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    What a fun way to do this challenge..... how about some type of netting, piece of mesh

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    5 flowers!

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    a clock?
    creative greetings,

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    How about seashells.

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