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Thread: Congrats to stxv round 2 contestants

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    Congrats to stxv round 2 contestants

    We would like to say thanks to everyone who participated in round 2!

    The Gallery was filled with fabulous layoutS using Design by Marcie's beautiful kit Picnic

    A big thanks to Marcie for providing the kit for round two!!!!!!

    Everyone did a fabulous job and we are thrilled to have all of you competing for the Supreme Team!

    Congrats to those going thru to Round 3!!!!!

    Bright Eyes
    techie girl

    We look forward to seeing your fabulous creations in Round 3!

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    Congratulations to everyone! Beautiful layouts for round 2!! Good luck to all of you in round 3!!

  3. Hi,
    I am posting to send my apologies, to my fellow contestants and the judges that gave me a second chance, for not getting my round 2 layout done in time to post, but I have been in bed again on my heating pad for the past few days and I didn't finish my layout in time. Looks like my fall in the shower did more than just leave a huge bruise on my back. Maybe next year ,I might actually get to finish the competition . lol. Best wishes and Congrats to those continuing to the next round.

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    I'm so sorry to hear that Scarlet. I hope you're on the good side of mending now. There is always next time.

    Sorry I missed the chat tonight! I had to work late and being on the west coast, it was too tight for me tonight.

    Congratulations to all who are on to Round 3! I'm sure you will all rock it as you did in Round 2 with Marcie's fabulous kit!

    Good luck to you all!

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    Scarlett I hope you feel better soon.

    Congratulations to everyone moving into Round 3. Everyone's layouts are awesome.

    Good Luck on Round 3.

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    Such wonderful creations submitted for Round 2... so sorry that we all could not advance as the layouts were fabulous. Congrats to my fellow contestants as we move on Round 3.

    Scarlet, so sorry to hear about how badly the fall has affected you. Please take care and get well. I missed out on the earlier one last year due to health issues so do understand.

    Hopefully the [rental] house we are in the midst of getting ready to be put on the market will soon be done so I can spend more time on my scrapping.

    Looking forward to seeing which kit we will be using for Round 3.

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    whohohooooo so excited and thank you so much for the opportunity. I am looking forward for round 3.

    Thanks to everyone that has participated so far and good luck everyone!

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